(M/F) Looking To Be A First Time Meal For A Cute Boy!

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(M/F) Looking To Be A First Time Meal For A Cute Boy!

Postby NerdyMealSara » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:27 pm

Heya cute guys who wanna swallow me whole! I'm Sara, I'm 22 and this is my first time trying to really get into RP. I've done a bit, but not enough to really say I'm amazing. I'm looking for a cute boy who wants a nice filling meal of girl meat :3 I only want to RP as myself please! I primarily wanna get swallowed up by a hungry human boy as well c: I'm also interested in potentially being a permanent belly slave ;3 A few of my likes are:
Soft Vore (Oral Mainly)
Teasing inside and outside the belly
Casual Vore
Same Size
A Nice Slightly Bulging Belly After A Tiny Meal~
Human Pred/Human Prey

Hard Vore
Gas(Anything but Burping)
Extremely Overweight Stuff

Thanks <3 Hit me up on Either Discord or Kik, PM for the names :3

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