M/F Pred seeking Female meal (feeding,post-vore sex)

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M/F Pred seeking Female meal (feeding,post-vore sex)

Postby MyKitchen » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:53 am

Hey I'm looking for a RPing partners for multiple scenarios. I'm fairly flexible, I have some OC characters but can also take the roles of other predators/preys. I'm willing to play a prey as well but it would have to be female. I give between 1-3 paragraphs so a decent plot driving reply is requested as well as at least once a day communication, if it's not your response then least say your busy but still interested.


Cooking- see below!
Food play
Pregnant preys
Same Size
Unwilling prey- see below!
Plump/BBW preys
Cum Inflation
Anthro/monster pred/prey
Multiple prey
Dominate pred
Vampirism (Want to try it out)
Playing Pred


Belly play
Willing prey
Relationships to trick preys
Micro (Willing to try it)
Weight Gain
Plump, BBW, recently fed pred as prey
Playing prey - see below

My Dislikes/No thanks

-Hard vore (only one that I might consider if done without a lot of gore, read below)
-water sports
-overly gross bodily functions. ( a satisfied burp after a meal is fine, farting constantly for hours not so much.)
-Not finishing the RP ( I started Rping two weeks ago and had about 15 people agree to RP, start a story, get to the good part and then vanish, I know people have lives, As Do I, but I try to check here and discord several times a day, if you get busy, please send a message. if you lose interest, then just tell me, we can come up with something else or move on, not a big deal.

My likes/dislikes cliffnotes

cooking- I'm very flexible with it, it doesn't have to be painful,fatal, or even uncomfortable. can be soothing, warm, and relaxing. If its an absolute no, then consider foodplay and/or stuffing as a replacement please. In though cooking implies hard vore, I rather still do soft vore even after cooked.

hard Vore- any public setting is good for this, restaurant, beach BBQ, having a dinner/thanksgiving party with you as the main course. Those are the times where I would be more ok with hard vore. Or even a couple sitting down for date night with a steaming fat girl between them. again not to graphic

Unwilling prey- In my RP adventures I've come across a quite a few people that play thier RP "Unwilling Prey" as rather compliant or very very accepting even to the point of being unrealistic. My wolf Vincent got invited into a mother's house and sat patiently in the living room and announced that he planned on cooking the plump mother for his dinner tonight expecting a chase and the thrill of the hunt that all K-9s love. The mother undresses, scolds him for being such an evil bastard and stands there waiting to be captured since there is no way she could escape. Its vore, your not suppose to escape! Your supposed to Fight. Everyone has survival instincts it's called the flight or fight response. You either fight or you run. If one fails they ALWAYS try the other no matter how futile it may be. I want you to fight, punch, kick, scratch, bite, spit, curse, scream, cry, because I am taking your whole life away for something as small as a meal or a snack. I had a female take her prey through the 5 stages of grief as I prepared her for my oven and it was Fantastic!! So please if your going to play as an unwilling prey for me then be unwilling. If your character has a "always secretly wanted to be eaten" kink. Then tell me 1st so I can expect it. Thank you for reading.

Being prey- want to try my hand and put my money where my mouth is when it comes to unwilling preys so if a prey that will fight you till the bitter end is something your interested in then message me. I will require cooking/foodplay or pregnant for me to be at all interested in playing a prey.


My Main Scenario:

Vincent a 9ft anthro wolf works as a assistant district attorney that hides a terrible secret. He craves sentient flesh, without it he will go feral and be executed. He reluctantly feeds on his fellow citizens being constantly crushed with mind shattering guilt until he finally makes the Code. Under the guide of the code, Vincent only hunts preys that have committed horrible crimes, are likely to get away with it, and will liking keep doing it. He is very versatile in the way he hunts each prey with their personalities being his approach, a Soccer mom that had a hit and run killing a kid? he might show up as her gardener, or pool boy, or a tinder date if shes single. a CEO that murders and steals for their own gain? might show up as a partner CEO to strike a business deal, ECT. He can't determine who is a criminal but he does have preferences, He loves females and will take his time with them but with males he will quickly send them down his throat to be forgotten, Kids are innocent and shall be spared, if they are evil, then they will likely to be arrested and out of his grasp. He goes after Plump, BBW or his favorite the pregnant as they keep him satisfied considerably longer. He will cum inflate or feed females that are on the skinny side to make them better meals. It's "Dexter" meets "Zootopia"

My current craving is be either be fed or to feed a partner a whole live prey and then have my way with them as the meal digests into extra weight on the pred. Genders don't really matter but I would like to be a husband that is feeding his pregnant wife lots of meals. Struggling to keep up with all of her wierd pregnancy urges. Anthros, monsters, or humans are fine for this.

Like I said, I'm fairly open to new ideas and I'm willing to even trade off on my likes and yours, if you approach me, then I would like to do one of mine 1st, If i approach you then I'd like to do one of yours 1st, I just don't like grab and gulps, I like the prep part of the RP the best. I do have a discord, but PM here 1st if your interested.

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you on my table soon.

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