Pred LF Female Prey

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Pred LF Female Prey

Postby MyKitchen » Wed Oct 06, 2021 6:57 pm

Hey I'm looking for a RPing partners. I'm fairly flexible, I have some OC characters but can also take the roles of other predators. I normally give between 1-3 paragraphs so a decent plot driving reply is requested.

Note: These are my loves/likes. But I'm fairly open. So if I approach you, then it's your loves/likes that I want to do, even though they might not match mine. People evolve, or something about your page caught my eye. Cooking is a huge plus for me, if you dont like it then let me know and perhaps we can come to a compromise that we will both be happy with.

Loves/ * is absolute favorites.

Cooking- see below! * (prey survives)
Food play
Pregnant preys*
Same Size
Unwilling prey
Cum Inflation*
Anthro/monster pred/prey*
Multiple preys/preds*
Dominate pred
Civilized and gentle pred.
Sex (Pre vore with Prey and Post vore with another pred or another prey)
Playing Pred
Weight gain
BBW prey


Nipple vore
Belly play
Willing prey
Relationships to trick preys
Micro -lots of little preys, or feed micros to same size prey to stuff/fatten them up. Pred must end with a large belly at the end of the RP.
Weight Gain
Plump, recently fed pred as prey
Playing prey- see below.

My Dislikes/No thanks

-Hard vore (only one that I might consider if done without a lot of gore, read below)
-water sports
-overly gross bodily functions. ( a satisfied burp after a meal is fine, farting constantly for hours not so much.)

My likes/dislikes cliffnotes

cooking- I'm very flexible with it, I actually prefer the prey to survive the cooking so they can experience being gulped down and digested. it doesn't have to be painful,fatal, or even uncomfortable, it can be soothing, warm, and relaxing. If its an absolute no, then consider foodplay and/or stuffing as a replacement please. Though cooking implies hard vore, I rather still do soft vore even after cooked.

hard Vore- any public setting is good for this, where a shared meal would make sense. Especially with multiple preds in a RP. A restaurant, beach BBQ, having a dinner/thanksgiving party. Those are the times where I would be more ok with hard vore. Or even a couple sitting down for date night with a steaming fat girl between them. again not to graphic. I prefer "cake vore" where once cooked the prey is simply meat on bones, no gore, organs or entrails. Very little blood

Like I said, I'm fairly open to new ideas and I'm willing to even trade off on my likes and yours. Will play female preys if cooking and other likes are involved. if you approach me, then I would like to do one of mine 1st, If i approach you then I'd like to do one of yours 1st. I like the prep part of the RP the best. I do have a discord, but PM here 1st if your interested.

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you on my table soon.

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