Seeking Dominant Pred for Hyper, Scat, Weight gain RP

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Seeking Dominant Pred for Hyper, Scat, Weight gain RP

Postby Schmoopy » Fri Nov 25, 2022 4:54 pm

Hello there! I'm sure from the fact that you clicked on this means you're a hungry pred! And i would absolutely love to fill your belly! I just wanted to start out however, and say that I am not a fan of the messaging system on this website and I am not very interested in using it. I am much faster to respond and 100x more likely to check my discord or whatever other platform.

Currently I'm looking for a female or futa pred that enjoys to be as big and fat as possible! I personally would really like to experiment with immobile preds but i understand there isn't a huge fanbase behind that so i'd also really like to rp with some BBW/SSBBW sized preds!

- Fat preds, the bigger the better even to the point and beyond of mobility.
- Disposal, what goes in must come out
- Weight Gain, again the bigger the better. I love when preds get fatter from eating tasty treats!
- Sex, sex goes with vore.
- Female preds
- Futa preds

- Female/futa prey, i'm not huge into males right now, so if a male character is required i'd like the population to be 9F to 1M
- Digestion, I prefer painful, graphic, horrible digestions
- Burping, I also love when anything comes up with it, anything from half digested clothing, to bones and half digested limbs or jewelry
- Size difference, Anywhere from a 300ft giantess to just a few feet above average. (I feel like this also comes from weight gain but it isn't mandatory.)
- Oral vore(soft or hard I like about a 50/50 split), anal vore, breast vore, cock vore,
- Willing or unwilling prey, I also love scenarios when a willing prey turns unwilling and the pred just gulps faster
- Non Reformation. The only time i enjoy reformation is if it is a characters lover of some sort. Or if that specific character is powerful of some sort like a queen or goddess.
- Any form of pred. I like humans, i like nagas, i like centaresses just ask and we'll see what we can do!
- Cruel or kind preds.
- Disregard of life/Breaking prey, buttcrushing, boob crushing, a nagas fat tail rolling over someone, a hyper cock futa rearranging guts, preds folding prey in half, you name it.
- Age, underage scenarios are fun sometimes.
- Hyper anything, bigger= better.
- Pain, whether it's from digestion or the pred just deciding a prey is getting squished.
- Dominant preds with a soft side.
- Gore, the more bones crunching, blood and guts spilling, the better.

- Pregnant prey/preds
- Preds being prey
- breast feeding
- Anal sex
- Oral sex
- Reformation (For proper characters)
-Scat feeding (Please ask about this if interested very specific about it)

MIGHT CONSIDER (If none of this interests you its not a deal breaker. Just something I'd consider trying.)
-Male pred, only way this would happen is in a very very specific scenario. Most likely a feral one. But even then i'd prefer a futa

-Water sports
- stink
- Unnecessary hair
- Filth (smegma and such someone being a little slobby is ok)

I'm sure I missed a ton, I just wanted to get a seeking post up cause if I keep waiting for it to be perfect I'll never end up posting. So here it is. If you have questions please feel free to ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

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