Male Pred/Feeder needing cute girls/guys to churn or feed~

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Male Pred/Feeder needing cute girls/guys to churn or feed~

Postby BeMySlurry » Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:57 am

Hey all! Hope you're having a great day so far, and no matter what, maybe I can help make it a little better!

I'm currently looking for some delicious and/or hungry girls or feminine guys/traps/etc. to play with. I'm generally a pred and an observer/feeder, so I'm particularly interested in either turning you into a big sloshing belly full of chyme, or filling yours with some other unfortunate squirming snacks, and then helping you work them off~

I also sometimes dabble as prey, but only with people I feel comfortable with; so if you want to taste any of this, you gotta earn it ;)

I don't have any pre-made characters - I generally just play as myself, or a variation therein - but I can make characters as needed. I've also made a list of my likes/dislikes below, so feel free to see if we'll make a good match! Also, though I'm not too strict about it, I'd like it if your responses are of a decent length and are intelligible; no one-liners here, please!

Also, though I know it sounds like nit-picking, I only like to roleplay with partners who are actually female (or are feminine guys). If you want to roleplay with me, just tell me your gender upfront rather than pretending to be something you're not; we might be able to work something out anyway, and I'll appreciate the honesty :3

Currently in the mood for: Playing a feeder for some lucky guy or girl, and feeding them as many pets/feral prey as they can keep down~

- Same-Size
- Oral Vore
- Anal/Unbirth/Cock/Breast Vore
- Female Prey
- Female/Feminine Male Preds (who I feed)
- Feral Prey
- Digestion (Any kind, including cum digestion~)
- Fatal
- Pet play
- Cute/Innocent Prey
- Squirmy meals
- Multiple Prey/Mass Vore
- Object Vore (ie, cars/buses/trains with people inside them. Yum :gulp: )

- Sex (willing or not)
- Feral Pred
- Monster Pred (Naga, Centaur, etc.)
- Incest
- Underage Preds/Prey(within reason)
- Feral Preds
- Macro/Micro
- Disposal (If I had to choose, I prefer cum/femcum over scat)
- Furries
- Pokemon Pred/Prey

- Non-Fatal (depends on the partner I'm playing with)
- Reformation (same as above)
- Hard Vore (I like my prey to squirm as long as they can!)
- Canon characters/fanfiction

Hard Pass:
- Super Underage/Old (No infants or grannies, please)
- Scat Play/Watersports
- Full-Tour (Just feels like a letdown every time)
- Cooking
- Sentient Fat/Conscious Prey Post-Digestion

As you can see, I'm generally pretty open about stuff, so don't be afraid to tell me your weirdest desires; they may just come true ;3

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