Male submissive prey, looking for dominant pred.

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Male submissive prey, looking for dominant pred.

Postby strelok95 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:49 pm

Hello everyone ^^
It's been awhile since I joined the community and I would love to start roleplaying a bit since a long time passed from my last session.
I usually play as myself, young man, brown hair and eyes, tall and fit.
I just roleplay in micro/macro, oral soft vore scenarios and I usually like more willing than unwilling.
The characteristic I appreciate the most in a predator is
a dominant attitude, this means I like being humiliated, being treated as just a snack, mocked especially during the act of getting eaten, and during the digestion. I love the feeling of becoming a part of a superior being even knowing that I will lose everything for it.
As you can tell I have a very peculiar view of vore, but I'm also into more rapid and standard scenarios, even though I prefer them to be always micro/macro.
I usually don't like human predators, but I love giant ferals, especially reptilians and dragons <3.
If you want to ask me more questions or to roleplay just PM me. I have a kik account and usually plenty of time to chat. We can also roleplay here through PMs if you prefer.
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