Switch That Needs Some Love, Dammit

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Switch That Needs Some Love, Dammit

Postby BombasticSwahh » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:35 pm

Disclaimer: Alright, this is sort of a round 2 for this spiel, as my previous attempt was terrible due to my lack of organization. It's still terrible, but I'm really making an effort so this doesn't look disgusting. Also to maybe bump the thread, I'm not going to lie. I'll probably edit this a lot, so sorry if that's a hinderance. You can contact me here, but I would be fine to switch over to discord.


Hi, I'm BombasticSwahh, and I am very new to this site. I made an account a short but ago and just recently recalled the login information, so that should help explain my join date v. post amount dilemma. I have interests in role-plays, both standard text and tabletops such as Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. I have hobbies in both writing vore fiction and drawing, but I'm still relatively early in the process of developing those skills. I have a tendency to go on long tangents about ideas that are far too ambitious to complete as well as in my role-plays. But like, hit me up if you want to just vomit an idea, I suppose.


I'm a switch who loves some monsters. Most dragons, aliens, and other beasts suit my interests well, although I do love some canon characters that aren't inhuman. I have a lot of canon character favorites, which I will list after my base preference list. I typically prey as one of my OCs, and Pred as some canon characters or OCs. I always play female prey and male preds, and I'm looking for a Switch or Pred partner.

Spoiler: show
**Monster Pred**
Oral Vore
Semi-willing Prey
Unwilling Prey
Willing Pred
Male Pred
Female Prey
Canon Pred (definitely not required or really expected, don't worry)
Playing Prey

Spoiler: show
Playing Pred
Willing Prey
Male Prey
Anal Vore (Clean)
Most Anthros
Unwilling Pred
Same Size
Alternate Vore

Spoiler: show
Female Pred
Cock Vore

Spoiler: show
Most things

So what about those Canon Preds?
Here's a list, you fool. I'm willing to play most of these, but would be estatic if someone were to pred as them instead. Either way works, though.*

Spoiler: show
Tahm Kench [League of Legends]
Lou the Goanna [Ferngully]
Genji [Overwatch]
Veigar [League of Legends]
Roadhog [Overwatch]
Ezmo [Battlerite]
Kog’Maw [League of Legends]
Reaper [Overwatch]
Monokuma [Danganronpa]
Sangheili [Halo]
Turians [Mass Effect]
Latch [Lethal League]
Gengar [Pokèmon]
Slug [Fromage]
Mordecai [Regular Show]
Galvanic Mechamorphs [Ben 10]
Guilmon [Digimon]
MewTwo [Pokemon]
Scrafty [Pokemon]
Jubei [BlazBlue]
Merkava [Under Night]
Karkat Vantas [Homestuck]
Zebruh Codakk [Hiveswap]
Xenomorphs [Alien]
Thorn [Battlerite]
Ectonurites [Ben 10]
Jon Talbain [Darkstalkers]
SCP-049 [SCP Foundation]
Sedge [Wargroove]
Probably more

*This list is not organized by favoritism or anything, it's just a mess.

Characters [WIP]


Jane Elsner, Human
Spoiler: show
Jane Elsner is a skilled chemist who relies on her casual personality (and several sedatives) to hide in danger’s blind spots. Her origin began in a middle class family, the daughter of a detective and of a teacher. She found herself aspiring to take from her mother and join the police divisions detective branch, but later on lost interest. Her next fantasy was to become a doctor, as she began to find biology to be rather fascinating. From then on, she pursued the medical sciences, and began her career as a professional doctor. These days were numbered, however, as she quickly grew interest in conducting experiments without the fore-knowledge of her peers. She began using home-brewed serems on DOA patients within the morgue, then hospice patients, and soon enough, she was testing out her solutions every check-up, on every man, woman, and child. She was eventually discovered on footage, and had her license removed. This did not stop Jane, however, at this point she had her own child-like utopian fantasy ingrained into her very flesh. Being exposed to the dying, injured and dead had given Jane an interesting view of what the world should be. She wanted a world without harm, full of super-humans who would never age, and never be submit to injury. In her world there would be no war, no reproduction, and no death. No longer having access to testing subjects, she used herself as a guinea-pig, becoming rather sickly overtime with the constant input and output of natural and artificial fluids. She eventually began to give up, believing that humanity was a race destined to be stagnant. She eventually did find new hope, in the form of several beautiful, powerful, and deserving species. Jane found new inspiration with the Earth's discovery of previously presumed fictional beings, deciding them to be worthy of her experiments. Their complex biology would keep her up overnight for months, her craving for a challenge sated. She now wishes to create a beautiful world ruled by exotic creatures, and strives to find possible improvements in their seemingly flawless designs. Her childlike wonder quickly twists into a craving to better the planet as she sees fit. The only difference between a child’s dream and Jane’s is that she has the resources to act upon it, which gives her the potential to shake up the social structure of the planet (or any planet) at any time.

Jane has a fairly casual outlook on life and the interactions flourishing it. Despite her intense determination to see her perfect world created, she doesn't commonly show her aspirations, and never plans to share them until she is ready to enact her fantasy. She keeps a clear mind and heavily values emotion within the actions she takes. No amount of protest, however, will stir her from her dreams. She values life highly, both humanoid and draconian, and wishes for them to live harmoniously in her new world. Under moments of life threatening crisis, Jane’s first instinct is to analyze her situation thoroughly, although she typically does not have the time or resources to formulate a proper plan. After these attempts fail, she will either lash out in physical violence or cower. The specific conditions for each of these reactions are too sporadic to narrow down.

Jane has a fairly fragile build, and prefers to hide herself behind bulky clothing. Her face is rather smooth, with a very pale complexion. Her eyes are bright and blue, complimenting her medium cut black hair. Jane typically wears sweaters, and on top of that, a lab coat. Other notable accessories include sneakers, a blue cap, and several labelled vials within the inside of her coat. Paying close attention to her face, Jane’s physical health can be subtly displayed. Her eyes are typically weary, her face is unnaturally pale, and her cheeks are slightly flat.


Tasdakt, Illithid
Spoiler: show
Tasdakt is a mind flayer with a reserved and sour attitude. He spends most of his time painting, a common theme in his works being existentialism. A poor approach will likely end with him harvesting your brain from your scalp, but if given a reason to tolerate you, he will remain indifferent. Although he isn't brash or arrogant, he isn't cautious either, which can lead to some misjudgements on his part. So long as something doesn't directly bother him, he usually will not act.

Tasdakt has deep green skin with liver spots of faded lime scattered across his form. He has heavy purple bags under his eyes at all times, dark yellow eyes, and four tentacles descending from hid lower face. He stands at an impressive 7’10”, and has long limbs that end in four fingered claws. The underside of his mouth and arms are purple, as are most of his innards.

Tasdakt typically wears plain robes, some having insignias he had learned from devouring scholars. They are usually long and bulky, covering the entirety of his body, legs, and arms.

Memlacaln, Beholder
Spoiler: show
Memlacaln is an inquisitive beholder who devotes himself to the study of other beings. His examinations tend to be invasive, and can reign from casual check-up to cruel inhumane torture. He is generally well-mannered with “guests” that enter his lair, but hostile intruders rarely leave alive, either being trapped within his foul dungeons to be experimented upon, consumed whole, or paralyzed into one of the several statues decorating his home. Despite being such a monstrous creature, Memlacaln keeps to himself and his studies, isolating himself with only prisoners and occasional visitors to entertain him.

Memlacaln's skin consists of a dulled greyish purple, a fleshy and inconsistent texture along with it. His irises resemble a maple leaf pattern and swirl with various shades of yellow and orange. He has 9 separate eye stalks along with his central eye, several tentacles extending from himself as well. He has a large grinning mouth with chalky lips and incredibly sharp and well pampered teeth.

Vezok, Oleum
Spoiler: show
Vezok is a short, dark humanoid with beady green eyes and a gaping mouth. He has pitch black skin that is unaffected by lighting, talons as fingers and toes, and on average a shorter stature than a human, around 4 feet tall (Oleums usually reign from about 3'6" to 11').

Vezok's race, known as Oleums, were originally created from manifested smog and pollution from the atmosphere. An odd combination created the first sentient lifeform of this a-gendered species. Crafted with a thirst for reproduction, this smog found that inhaling chemicals in the air and storing them for prolonged periods would form another of themself, although slightly altered due to the different circumstances, who was regurgitated afterwards. This became a successful enough process to produce several Oleum, all of different varieties. Although they don't find this form of reproduction sexual, they do occasionally enjoy toying with the pleasures of other species, musing in their reactions.

Vezok has a circular head, consisting of two large eyes and a mouth that extends to the sides of their face. Rather than lips, his mouth has a zig-zag spiked opening instead of an oval one. These spikes are sharp enough to cut most flesh, if necessary. His jaw can open up wide enough to throw the top half of his head back. This is to capture larger prey, if necessary. He does have a tongue to enjoy the taste of his victims, however he lacks a uvula or teeth, as there isn't a need for him to have any. Vezok's eyes, innards, and blood are all colored the same, these colors depending on the individual Oleum. Despite this, their salivation is always pitch black.

Oleum don't have the ability to speak, although their behaviors reflect sentience. They understand gestures and communicate through them, however a Oleum communicating with another race is rare, as most of the time they only see other species as play-things. Oleum do have different personalities and traits, but are generally playful and mischievous. They normally wear clothing or equipment that were stripped of a victim before they were consumed.

Although not requiring any sustenance to survive, they tend to consume other beings as a form of entertainment. Most Oleum perform this action by falling to the surface level to sate their desires with whole, living, and preferably sentient creatures. Since they lack a proper digestive system, prey is typically harmlessly subjugated to be held within a containment organ similar to a stomach. These containment organs are typically filled with copious amounts of dark salivation, sometimes enough to fill three-quarters of the organ. Prey can be held from hours to weeks, some victims dying of hunger due to the lack of sustenance themselves.

Oleum release their victims in one of two ways.

-A victim is regurgitated harmlessly, although a few scratches coming out are bound to happen.

-The salivation inside of their containment organs will produce more salivation and coat over the victim, eventually solidifying. They regurgitate the rounded black stone created, typically treasuring and hoarding them. These petrified prey will be held in complete stasis and can only be released through magical means. These man-sized marbles are considered very valuable to Oleum, and are typically referred to as oospores. Oospores are generally gathered for sport among more competitive Oleum.

Oleum who enter surface level typically find themselves stuck there, and preside in dark abandoned places, mostly unoccupied houses. They store any collected oospores they have created and hoard them at their living establishments.

I would hopefully be able to say I roleplay at an intermediate level, but I like exchanges of 1-3 paragraphs per post. I can definitely be flexible with that though. Just don't like, use asterisks or I may die. Anyways, that's all I have down for now. Contact me if you're interested. Pew pew.

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