Female Prey Looking For Male Preds, My Dudes-

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Female Prey Looking For Male Preds, My Dudes-

Postby BombasticSwahh » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:58 pm

Alrighty, so, I'm really new to all of this, so don't expect this to be organized all that well.

Hi, I'm Swahh (Or BombasticSwahh, due to the name being taken-), and I love role-playing. A lot. I typically use a female prey character named Jane Elsner, but also have a few switch/both characters that I use on occasion. I heavily enjoy endo/non-digestion situations with occasional character progression. I'm pretty cool with oral vore, anal vore, cock vore, navel vore, and absorption. I typically write a few paragraphs on replies, but I'm willing to match lengths with partners. As for literacy, I'm pretty lenient, but prefer proper grammar and spelling. Important note, I suck at response times, and I apologise in advance- I have a lot of odd pred preferences, ranging from possessed knight armor to transformers and then to fandom characters. I could compile a whole list of favorites, but I have way too many, you're bound to fufill one (but I do have a list ready if you're curious-). I am super down for structured systems taking place in vore, and have even homebrewed my own vore ability for D&D (5e, back off Pathfinder nerdicons- Just kidding, don't crucify me-). I write a lot of cringy vore stories and junk, but that doesn't seem to relevant here, so I'll stop rambling. Feel free to DM me-
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