Please be my meals (femboy pred, LF Fem, Fut, FB)

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Please be my meals (femboy pred, LF Fem, Fut, FB)

Postby ChrisW » Sat Jan 23, 2021 4:54 pm

Good tidings to you all! I'm your cute and adorable femboy predator! Of course.. I can also be cold and heartless~ I'll keep this nice and too the point. I'm looking for meals, morsels, people to digest in my tight sticky stomach. But I also want this to be nice and unwilling prey. Make them nice, make them think my character is so adorable... before they are captured. Make them evil, make them think they've overpowered him only to become his slop. However you want to do this. I'll be the femboy for you. Of course. I can also play females, and futa, but those are ones people expect to be an pred. Turning the victims into breast fat or something, I can do it though. But if you ask me to play a femboy... well, I'll have to accept. Dont ask for Endo, you're becoming this boy's gut sludge.

Must Have: Digestion, Fatal. (These two must be acceptable, I could rp this all day)

Favorite Kinks:
Evil Predators
Unexpected Predators
Tight bulges*
Canon Characters*
Royal Meals
Goddess Meals
Fighting Prey
Fight moments
Cum Digestion
Frail, cute Predators, Hot Busty Prey.
Victims struggling,
Genderbending Females into Femboys

What I enjoy
Turning victims into slaves
Soul Reformation
Mind Break
Instant Loss
Almost Escaping Prey
Plant Predators
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Absorption Vore
Anal Vore
Slime Predators
Skeletonal Bulges
Horny Prey
Willing Prey

Hard Nos
Muscular Males
Underage Characters (must provide an older picture)

Fandoms I am in:
Ace Attorney
Kingdom Hearts

Ideas to RP:
1. Thief Femboy vs Beautiful Homes: My femboy Pred will be a thief, and steal valuables in your character's home. Stealth RP.

2. Assassin Femboy: Similar to the first, but the femboy is an assassin, working his way to the main victim, to digest them. Stealth RP

3. Streamer Femboy: Femboy is an very popular streamer, and has hunger spouts that the internet loves to see him turn unwilling victims (mostly game characters, or cosplayers or something) into mush.

4. King Femboy: My femboy, has been at war with your Royal family, my Femboy has claimed victory, and now has full control over your family lands... all those tasty morsels. ~

5. ... 99/54b.jpg
(These are some ideas I had in my brain. We don't have to do them. But I wanted to share)

In order to get my discord, you must tell me your favorite kinks from my lists of likes and beyond.

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