Femboy looking for food, preferably busty.

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Femboy looking for food, preferably busty.

Postby ChrisW » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:45 pm

Hello you beautiful Morsels, my name is Chris, I'm craving some women/futa to be my femboy food, I am very horny for evil endings, so if you're looking for an endo Predator, this isn't the place for you. Now if you're interested in evil stomachs, then you've come to the right femboy. An Example of this is:
Spoiler: show
Akira Sat down, panting as the details of Sadayo Kawakami were in his stomach, he gave a small grunt as her struggling was very evident, it was quite the experience, however, Joker's stomach wasn't letting her free, as acid was getting to her beautiful feet, starting to melt them off the bone, it was pain incarnate
Soo yeah, I'm an evil boy. I hope you don't mind.

My Fandoms I am willing to RP on are.
Persona 5,
Kingdom Hearts,
Ace Attorney,
Nintendo,(Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Pokémon, Smash Bros)
Teen Titans,
Final Fantasy,
Assassination Classroom,
Dragon Ball,
My Hero Academia,
NeiR: Automata (haven't played this,but I love 9S, 2B and A2)

My kinks are very evil:
Digestion. (This is a must)
Dominant Predators,
Femboy Predators,
Female prey
Futanari prey,
Femboy Prey,
Hard Vore
Soft Vore
Cock Vore,
Anal Vore,
Navel Vore
Oral Vore,
Tight Stomach bulges
Face Sitting,
Evil Predators,
Begging to get saved,
Bad Ends,
Evil fates
Genderbent characters,
Force feeding,
Clothes stealing,
Skull keeping
Unwilling prey.

A few ideas I have:
Persona 5 RP:
Spoiler: show
, Makoto, Haru, Ann, Futaba and Kasumi enter the palace of a femboy, who captures the egotistical girls and digests them.

Nintendo RP:
Spoiler: show
Smash Manor has been host to wonderful people and beautiful Faces, however, everything changes when a cute angel femboy gets a bit hungry for more then floor Ice Cream...

I have many many ideas rattling in my head.

Please note, I don't like Toilet Stuff, Macro Pred, Males (femboys for me), and Armpits. See you soon~

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