male furry anthro seeking roleplay

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male furry anthro seeking roleplay

Postby Tombartle » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:17 am

hi i'm a furry :3c

i like to roleplay, but sadly noone has been up to

if you want we can roleplay, i have any possible message way i guess, kik, skype, discord, telegram, or the PM system, even thou i prefer to not use it because of the pm cooldown thing between notes

i only switch with the condition that i get to be prey too

here are some of the characters i have made:

stuff that i Like:
-mostly any type of vore
-pred x prey relationship
-monster on human stuff
-sexual action stuff
-the pred trying to romance on the prey, like trying to make the prey fall in love
-pred teasing over the prey in a romance like way
-pred being possesive over the prey
-scenarios that invole university, tribal forest village stuff, or bussiness work office places

also my f-list

i mainly speak spanish so sorry if i do a little bit of errors here and there


aaaaahhh i also take commissions byebye!

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