F/M pairing looking for F Switch on Discord

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F/M pairing looking for F Switch on Discord

Postby Playerpair » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:15 pm

Hi there! My friend and I are looking for a female pred/prey. someone who doesn't mind playing both.
My friend is a Female Pred whilst I am strictly Male Prey. We both love to rp and are doing this as an Experiment to see if this would be fun or not? If so, then yay! So I will be posting both of our favorites into the Like Catagory as well as our dislikes. We are willing to compromise, except for the one's in dislikes. They are a no go.

Our likes
Female Pred
Female Prey
Anal vore
Soft vore
Size difference
Mouth/throat play
Underage prey (She likes, I am ok with it. This can be left out if you aren't comfortable with it)
Weight Gain
Human Pred/prey
Other race preds (Like fantasy, elves dwarves ect)
Sexual Play
Mother pred
Cruel pred
Unbirth (it's a love of mine, its an ok of hers)
Pregnant Pred (Both of us love this)
Impregnation (More of a love of mine)
Romance (We are a sucker for it)
Same Size
Noisy bellies
Multiple characters (We can both do this pretty well!)

Male pred
Male pregnancy
Cock vore
Micro prey
Full animal (Furries are ok though)

So thats it really. We can compromise a few stuff in. except for the ones in the dislike catagory. So, I am someone who can create Roleplay worlds and many scenario's. be it for fantasy, modern, future etc.
Now remember, this Roleplay will be on Discord. If you have any questions, let me know in PM's.

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