F/m preys and Fpred looking for one more female partners

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F/m preys and Fpred looking for one more female partners

Postby Playerpair » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:34 pm

Goood afternoon/evening/morning.
So to start this post off, my roleplaying partner (Female pred) and I (Male prey/Female prey/Futa prey) are looking for a third longtime female rp partner. They can be prey, pred, or switch. Preferably switch as we'll be going into the my friends belly alot, and you may wanna eat me too while we sit in there. I am the best prey around ;) We are particularly interested in a partner who will be there for the long run of things, not just one offs.
So with that saying I will be posting my friends likes and dislikes. Edit: we are currently looking to make this a four player thing.

Her likes and dislikes
Big bellies
Oral Vore
Mass vore
Gas((burps or farts don't matter)

Can work with
sex ((up until a certain limit)
Scat((is a case by case thing)
Hard Vore

No way
Being Prey
Graphic digestion
Non humans

And these are my likes and dislikes.
oral vore
Anal vore
Pregnancy (be it regular, magical, hyper pregnancy, boob and ass pregnancy, or permanent pregnancy)
Sex in the belly, or with a Pred who has a full belly.
Being Prey (Im the best)
belly enslavement
Cum inflation
Belly noises (Burping, farting, the noises of the stomach dont matter to me)
Endo (So full tour and all that)
Same size
Multiple characters

Male pred
Male pregnancy
Cock vore
detailed scat

And thats about it. If there was something on here that you like that wasnt in here. i think we can come to an arrangement. If you got any questions, feel free to ask.
Again, please dont send a message if your looking for a one off. We are not, we are looking for a long term female rp partner to join us. With that being said, hope you join us soon! It's a very warm gut inside of her btw.

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