Female Prey looking for a cruel Pred

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Female Prey looking for a cruel Pred

Postby whetfang » Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:10 pm

Hello! I'm new to this website. I've tried playing vore a couple of times and I think I like hardcore hard vore the most. I played animals that were hunted and eaten alive by other animals.
I don't mind being hunted by a human and, even though I've never tried being cooked, I don't mind trying if you want to be a human-like pred.
I actually enjoy when the predator plays with food and tortures my character. I like realistic anatomy but only for juiciness - I don't want my character to faint and die because of the blood loss while you're enjoying your meal. I like playing magical animals and creatures for these purposes so that I can say that they stay alive until you fully consume and digest everything.
I want to also try playing human-like creatures like fairies, elves, mermaids, mb even dwarves. I don't want to play a normal human yet, at least now.
The creatures I played the most were dragons, hares, boars and griffons (most of the time my partner ate me as a dragon, but I don't mind being eaten by any carni- omnivorous creature).

So basically I want my characters to be eaten alive in the most bloody and gruesome way possible.

Some of the ideas I have now after lurking here for a while:
Playing as a mermaid/naga prey for any kind of pred. I will have both hard and meaty fish-tail bits and very soft and gentle human part.
Being carried around in your teeth and then fed to your young that will tear me apart. One variation of that is that you swallow me first and then regurgitate my partially digested and disfigured body to the youngsters that will slowly consume me. Yet another variation - you bring my character wounded to your cubs that will try to handle the prey, hurting it a lot in the process.
I was thinking about cooking scenarios - one thing that I really want to play out is skinning, basically turning into the meat before you actually cook and eat my character. I'd love to try out spit-roasting that seems to be popular here, and I don't mind grilling and boiling. Mb even traditional stuffing when you take out my guts and replace them with other food until my belly is chock-full. Hanging on hooks for a while before you need to eat or to skin and gut me would work well too!

My human-like preys, since may people here prefer humans, are halflings, fairies with tails and dragonfly wings, fauns, harpies, mermaids, any half-human creatures. Can also play charr and asura from gw2, dnd female goblin and half-orcs, ratfolk, khajit and argonian. If you have any other creature in mind that you want to eat - feel free to message me!
I also still want to play a dragon or a griffon again, eaten by a bigger predator or by a human/bunch of humans.
Tight bondage and hopeless struggling is always a bonus for me.

I usually play in small paragraphs. If you want to play, feel free to message me here or in discord (whetfang#8777).

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