Hungry Monster Needs Someone to Squirm in his Belly!

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Hungry Monster Needs Someone to Squirm in his Belly!

Postby Inside » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:10 am

I’m a bit of a sadist, so I love tormenting prey, bondage, biting, verbal and sexual abuse, etc. But, I don’t like digestion! I kind of draw the line at being aroused by death, just as a personal thing. So fatal vore is completely out of the question. I just like prey being imprisoned in the stomach as a form of humiliation or what have you.

On a separate note I also enjoy safe vore scenarios, so don’t be scared off just yet.

To contact me about RP, just PM me with an idea or your list of preferences. I would really like it if you would include something about your playstyle and kinks rather than just asking to roleplay! A writing sample, character pictures, F-Lists, etc are also welcome!
Also, I don't use discord, sorry!

My ideal prey list!

1. Pregnant teenage boys

• 17 is the youngest I’ll go!
• Teen mpreg is a huge kink for me, on equal grounds with vore. So you’ll totally get bonus points
for playing this type of prey. If not a teen, at least a cute pregnant twink.
• He could start off very heavily pregnant, having been impregnated and abandoned (or raped)
by an older man or monster many months ago. I really enjoy the desperation and helplessness
of the poor little guy wandering alone, lost and filled to the brim with unwanted babies. Plus I
like the idea of a pred struggling to swallow a nice, big pregnant belly.
• More bonus points if he's naive and inexperienced, and was a virgin before being impregnated.
He knows his tummy is full of babies, but he has no idea what to do about it or how they're
going to come out! He's getting bigger by the day and his swollen belly is stretched and bruised
from all the squirming and kicking inside him. Poor little cutie~
• He could also be impregnated by the pred at the start of the RP- probably against his will- and
either go through very rapid pregnancy growth before being swallowed, or be swallowed
straight away and grow quickly pregnant once inside the pred’s warm, dark belly.

2: Lesser demons, imps, young feral monsters, etc.

• I don’t usually get to do monster vs monster vore!
• A young, lesser demon/imp being dominated by a more powerful demon.
• A small, inexperienced monster forced to breed by/with an older/larger member of his species.
• A small monster being captured and tormented by a much larger, crueler species.
• In any case, I’d love the smaller creature to get forcibly pregnant by the bigger one. What can I
say? I’m a sucker for mpreg, human or not.
• Multiple consecutive rapid pregnancies are fun with demon scenarios!

3. Feral Monsters

While I love power dynamics with dom/sub, age gaps, size differences, etc… There’s also something special about pred on pred or dom on dom scenarios. So for this, both preds would start of on an equal playing field, but mine would ultimately dominate the other. Maybe a territorial dispute, or they’re fighting to eat or impregnate the other. Bottom line, one monster ends up unhappily pregnant with his enemy’s offspring, and probably ends up in their belly as well. Really, I just want cool, unique, powerful monsters to have hate sex.

4. Lonely, studious girls. (I'm gonna be super picky with this one, and I really have to be in the right mood for it.)

• This option is really for more story-based RPs than my usual kink-crazed fiascos.
• It’s the typical shy young woman + big scary tsundere monster scenario, with safe, protective vore.
• Mostly platonic but can be romantic. Smut is welcome but not necessary.
• Lots of belly rubs, sleeping in the belly, etc. So fluffy it’ll make you sick.
• As I said, this is more of a rare scenario for me, and I'm very choosy with my partners.
• I'm probably gonna require a writing sample and a character idea for this one.

My interests:
Soft Vore
Oral Vore
Safe Vore
Monstrous Preds
Demonic Preds
Sadist Preds
Obsessed/Posessive Preds
Belly imprisonment
Unwilling Prey
Masochist Prey
Forced Teen Mpreg
Rapid Pregnancy
Cum inflation
Forced Oral
Light Bondage
Simultaneous Pleasure and Pain
Long, difficult labor (but the actual birth can be skipped, if you prefer)

No thank you:
Bad Grammar
Spelling Mistakes
Non-Oral Vore
Fatal Vore
Hard Vore
Excessive Blood
Crushing, facesitting, etc.
Belching, gas, drool, etc.
Body odor, sweat, musk, etc.
Male Hips/breast growth
Female Pregnancy
Female preds
Canon Characters

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