Cute Hybrid searching for RP! Switch/Prey Leaning

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Cute Hybrid searching for RP! Switch/Prey Leaning

Postby AquwardlyHomosexual » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:06 pm


I'm Nicki, what's up?

Okay, so, here's the problem. I'm bored as hell. And I love roleplaying!

So far I have two characters I've created:

Nicki, a silly demi/anthro-hybrid of a wolf, a goat, and a bunny! He's mostly prey, but he also enjoys eating cute boys and girls as well! He's a pop star, with cute outfits, glowing insides, a big 'ol toothy maw, and a cute demeanor!

And Owen! A big 'ol chubby bear dude who's a gamer, traps peoples souls as belly tattoos (To which he can reform, OR digest~) and loves to tease with his gut, his paws, and his big 'ol butt!

Okay, down to the nitty-gritty. I love a lot of different kinks. Before I list my F-List for all you kinksters to look at, I should first include my main things.

1. I LOVE communicating with people BEFORE we roleplay. It's just a thing. If you shoot me a pm with "Wanna rp?" You will probably get ignored.
2. I LOVE long posts. If you get to know me better and we become friends, short posts are cool too!
3. I LOVE literacy. P L E A S E do not try to roleplay me if you don't AT LEAST know basic english. I'm sorry, it just wouldn't be enjoyable for me.
4. I LOVE teasing. PLEASE god, if you spend some time teasing me before we roleplay, I will be so friggin flustered and I would love you forever!
5. I will list my F-list, PLEASE do not ask me to do something that's in my NO bin or is unlisted, 100% I'll say no. If you wanna talk about the maybe kinks, just ask!
6. I prefer if you use third-person point of view. He, she, they, etc. If I like you well enough, you can go ahead and use I/me/etc.
7. Sex roleplays are an ask. As much as I sometimes enjoy sex stuff, I'm not always in the mood and sometimes I just wanna be gurgled! Hope you understand!
8. PLEASE USE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. Don't use a character that already exists. I would also prefer if you had some sort of visual or fully written reference of said character. Not something you just made up.
9. NO ONE UNDER 18. 18+ ONLY!!!!!!!!

Some kinks To Entice people:
I literally do any gender. So herm, non-binary, male, female, etc. Whatever!
Paw worship (clean, not smelly.)
Fatal Digestion (I will more than likely do this, than endo.)
Same Size vore
Cock Vore, Anal Vore, Soul Vore, Unbirth(Not child birthing, but cum digestion), Oral Vore, Tail vore, possibly Navel vore.
Betting/Wagers (who eats who, how long, etc.)

My F-List:

Ask, away!

Currently in the mood for female preds, but if you're a male pred, still feel free to contact me!

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