Female Prey Seeking Male Monster (Endo)

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Female Prey Seeking Male Monster (Endo)

Postby whiskey » Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:55 am

Just a head’s up: I’m going to be extremely picky with my partners for this type of roleplay. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond.
When PMing me, please include your own preferences and a short introduction. Just don't send me a single sentence.
As of now, I would like to RP over PMs only. Thank you for your understanding!

My Requirements:
Eka's PMs only
Male Monster Pred (I do not want a human pred!)
Soft, oral vore
Safe vore
Half-size/3-5ft size difference
Non-sexual (Sex isn’t out of the question, just don’t expect it right away!)

My Interests:
Gurgly bellies
Slow, gentle swallowing
Internal rubs, cuddles, other disgustingly fluffy stuff
Half or quarter size difference
Slightly bigger than bite-sized is also fine, but only for non-humanoid preds
Overprotective Pred
Reluctant Pred
Possessive Pred
Friendly, charismatic pred
Tsundere Pred (for lack of a better word)
Paranormal/Demonic Creatures
Surprisingly friendly eldritch abominations
Robot preds
Unique Preds
Feral Monsters
Living inside the pred
Stubborn Prey
Reluctantly Willing Prey
Pred+Prey Partnership/Friendship
Platonic Vore
Non-Dominant Pred (I like both Pred and Prey on equal grounds)

My Dislikes:
Bad grammar/spelling
Single sentences
Female Preds
Human Preds
Closely humanoid preds (Elves, etc)
Super buff/muscular preds
Canon preds
Parental preds
Fatal Vore
Hard Vore/Gore
Drool, belches, etc.
Bad hygiene

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