prey looking for Pregnant Pred friend and rp partner!

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prey looking for Pregnant Pred friend and rp partner!

Postby LoverofPregs » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:22 am

First off thanks for taking a look at my post. As the title suggests I'm looking for a Pregnant Pred to devour me into her gut. But that is not only it. Not only pregnant preds but normal female preds too, hell it could lead up to an impregnation of the pred. little about me, I am a nerd but also a guy who likes to have fun as well as make sure my rp partner is having fun as well. I like to think myself as a nice and patient person. I love to also answer questions and give them in return. I am able to give long and detailed posts however I do not always do due to my partners sometimes giving me lack of info to do so. That and I get lazy sometimes XD
Anyways, I roleplay primarily on discord but I also can RP on: Kik and Skype as well as Chatzy.
I am open to most things but I do have my limits, below are my likes and dislikes and what I am ok with. Oh! Side note, I know it says male prey, but I have both Female and Male Prey so...yeah! Edit: The female character is unable to get preggers so...she wont be a pregnant prey. Just a normal female prey. Also Side note, I play a game called Elder Scrolls Online, and I would guess I would really like an Rp partner on their for some good ol rp fun and possibly some of the things listed down.

Here are my likes:
Oral vore
Anal Vore
Pregnant pred
Motherly pred
Cruel Pred
Kind Pred
Digestion (Can be detailed)
Same Size
Size difference
Being a Belly Slave (Basically being imprisoned in the belly and only being let out to do what ever the pred wants)
Medieval Fantasy
Modern day
Future Setting
Fantasy Races: Naga's, Orcs, Elves Etc.
Loud Bellies
Belly worship
Multiple characters
OOC Talk (i like to get talk to who i am Rp'ing with)
Dirty talk
Making a friend
Hyper Pregnancy (What can I say? I looove big bellies <3 ))
Sex inside the belly
Sex with someone in the belly
Insane Preds
Large ass preds (Who doesn't like a big booty?)
Gothic pred

Age difference (I'm willing to go down to 17, no less)

Male pred
Male Pregnancy
Cock Vore
Playing pred (Wont do it)
When you take control of my character (Annoys me to no end)

Edit: So I had an idea I'd like to try. I'd like to try something new where a woman gets pregnant but is unable to give birth and essentially is perma pregnant where she grows herself a lover inside of her womb. If your interested, lemme know!

And thats it really! If you have questions, message me.
If you want to rp, Pm me and I'll give you my discord, skype, kik or make a room on chatzy and we can talk there! I have a boat load of ideas that you may find fun!
Edit: Sooo one offs are good and all...but...i'd really like a roleplay partner to be honest. if your searching for one, hit me up too!

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