LF Male or Female Pred to Fuck and Vore "Middle-Aged Men"!

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LF Male or Female Pred to Fuck and Vore "Middle-Aged Men"!

Postby SherlockHolmes » Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:04 am

    ⚠ I'll always be role-playing as a middle-aged human male prey character between the ages of 40 to 58 …

    ⚠ Searching for male or female predator and doesn't matter if they are human, monster or otherwise …

    ⚠ Role-Plays will always contain both sex and vore …

    ⚠ One-Liners won't be tolerated …

    ⚠ Role-Plays are always conducted on Eka's Portal forums or via private messages …

    ⚠ Role-Play responses must contain some proper grammar …

    ⚠ Role-Play responses must contain a minimum of five descriptive sentences …

    Underage characters are absolutely unacceptable!

Scenario 1:
Spoiler: show
The clone was brought inside the isolated enclosures, away from the hustle and bustle of the market, and commanded by a man to stay until someone wanted him. The obedient clone obeyed and observed the activity of the market from the enclosure. The market was arranged into sections each section for each different type of clone for sale. Buyers of all different shapes and sizes were milling around the enclosures, deliveries of new clones were constant, with trucks and carriers all over the place. Potential buyers were walking around looking, touching and commenting on the various clones being sold and auctioned off. All the clones were designed to be exceptionally beautiful, and many of the buyers were all having a good time. Plenty of the buyers were sampling the goodies that the clones offered, and the noises of there pleasurable moaning penetrated every corner of the market. The isolated clone watched a nearby enclosure where another clone was being touched and kissed by a potential buyer. He observed in envy as the clone and buyer moved each other tongues inside their mouths, and how the buyer enticed mewling sounds from the clone as he touches him between the thighs. Desperate for the same attention, the clone leans out from his enclosure and stuck out his tongue in hopes of being kissed from a passer-by instead someone commented: "Someone accidentally left behind an old man!" they sniggered and left. He couldn't understand since he believed he was just as beautiful and attractive like all the other clones were. Throughout the day he was ignored due to his much older appearance, despite the enticing sign above him which read: "NOT NAMED YET, THIS ONE IS FREE."

    ⚠ Practically opened to anything and everything … so everything listed is completely optional!

    * = Love

    Spoiler: show
    … Being Dominated***
    … Being Submissive**
    … Abusive Relationships
    … Arranged Marriage
    … Age Gap
    … Breeding***
    … Blackmail
    … Bondage
    … Cross Dressing
    … Death
    … Double Penetration***
    … Hardvore***
    … Humiliation***
    … Incest
    … Impregnation / Male Pregnancy***
    … Lactation … mmmmilk!
    … Multiple Characters
    … Master × Slave
    … Obsessive Relationships
    … Oral Sex
    … Orgasm Denial
    … Oviposition … laying some eggs!***
    … Prostitution
    … Rape***
    … Romantic Relationships
    … Scat
    … Sex Toys
    … Sexual Frustration***
    … Soft Vore***
    … Threesomes
    … Quickie**
    … Unwilling***
    … Willing
    and more

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