M-kitsune looking for pred mistress

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M-kitsune looking for pred mistress

Postby MustLoveCats » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:43 am

This is a somewhat personal request. Looking for something long term and a bit more than just an RP partner. A reliable and trustworthy friend. I'm seeking a mistress who doesn't mind a bratty and more pet oriented sub rather than a slave. Someone who respects my boundaries, can provide comfort, stability, and safety. A sense of order. Not minding that I need some training would probably also be worth mentioning.

I need to mention that more detailed posts are a must. They don't need to be terribly long but I need substance. I will give as good as I get, and I give skillfully. I understand having commitments, as long as there's communication I am mostly calm.

I'm an arctic fox femboy, and when it comes to vore I'm rather vanilla. I love oral, a secondary being unbirth. Both forms involving digestion is lovely. Reformation is a thing for me. I may be straight but I'll happily enjoy intersex shifting and such with a herm mistress. I have a preference for slitted cocks rather than your typical cock and balls. Being pounded as a cuntboy is quite nice, and choking on a knotted shaft. One of my favorite labels is 'little one'.

I don't like anal vore or anal in general. I can tolerate giving it and taking it, but it's really not something that appeals to me. I'm not into hyper anatomy. I like the cycle of weight gain and weight loss. I know I sound picky but I also know that these kinds of thing are a balancing act.

I don't like humanoid predators. So, nagas with snake features all around are really nice.

Feel free to DM, let's see where it goes.

Anthros: foxes/kitsunes, sabertooth tigers, dragons, sharks, certain pokemon (feel free to suggest others).
Oral vore.
Soft digestion: melty, hot, gooey, sticky, tingly.
Mild/moderate weight gain: the predator getting curvier.
Athletic/average/curvy body type: goes with the weight gain desire, as long as the bulge can be seen squirming, I’m happy. As long as something is affected, I’m happy. breasts, hips, whatever.
Light-core/vanilla sex: Sex in the lovely straightforward way, with some spice added such as biting and scratching. being pinned down.
Carnal/primal: a bit of addition to the first, with some emphasis on being teased about what’s going to happen once the sexual stuff is done.
Dubcon (dubious consent) as prey: I want to be eaten, yes, but messing around with adrenaline and playing with that dread fixation are glorious. Being affectionately humiliated and teased is great.
Voregasm: A made-up term, pred getting sexually aroused and turned on and pleasured from prey squirming and being digested.
Reformation: I do not do snuff and death. However, it is enjoyable to not know whether reformation will happen in the midst of an RP. Just so long as the requirement for it is met overall.
“Realistic” bulges: I like a height difference in my preds. A couple of feet. I want to create a bulge that makes them look pregnant. I don’t want a ‘vacuum’ belly where you can see everything. I don’t like a belly that shows face prints and handprints. I want a belly where it’s domed, full, and smooth. When the prey squirms, it shifts and warps based on the movements within.
Realistic/average anatomy: no 10-inch dicks, please. No breasts the size of pumpkins. I like all breasts, even big ones, but only up to a point. Say… the size of a small melon? the size of someone’s head? We’ll discuss it if needed. As for cocks, a little bigger than average might be acceptable, "Tight but comfortable fit."

Maybes/Partner dependent
Human prey: I'm totes fine with this. But switching around requires the pred to be anthro or in some cases feral (such as dragons which can be both and are fun either way).
Light disposal: if you want this, I like it when the pred regurgitates things like light-bdsm related stuff. Cuffs, collars, leashes, bindings. Things that happened to be swallowed along with the prey. At most, and this is really pushing it, bones.
Light blood play: If you want this, it has to be from scratches or biting. Not tearing or gashing or major wounds. Mostly overexcited or dominant ‘I won’t let you get away’ type things.
Unbirth: Cum digestion on this one is deeply desired if you want to get into this kind of vore.
non-anthro: I like nagas, taurs, other such things. They MUST not have human-style heads though. Basically anthros but on a taur/snake body.
Feminization: I want to be able to safely explore this with someone who can respect that I'm not sure to what extent I'm interested in this.

Absolute Nos
Human preds.
Any form of anal.
Cock vore.
Hyper anatomy.
Age play.

That’s about all I got for you. There might be more I should throw in the No section but I can't think of everything at the moment. I tend to find that IRL, males only want to have their fun and be done with it. So if you're female, or like to take at least a little more time to milk the moment, you get bonus points. It's no fun if only one of us gets to have a 'good time'. My character is, while not me, a strong representation. I play adaptively, and sliding into an RP is great, as in, just chatting and ending up in one. Setting up some background scenario or slight plot is fine but it doesn’t need to be too extensive unless you're into that. I’m hoping to see a response to this advert! While I don't mind PM roleplay, I do have discord and telegram. I’ll happily share it if you want to role play with me.

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