TF Slut looking for a long term Dom!

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TF Slut looking for a long term Dom!

Postby Starduster » Sun Aug 07, 2022 4:14 pm

Heyo~! I'm Redfearn (or Star) who, as the title may imply, is looking for a dom who can treat me right (and by that, I mean in a very dominant way!)

I'm very active and almost always willing to chat, and I enjoy talking and teasing about vore and tf as much as I love RPing.

Weird Vore
Weight Gain
Soft Vore
Casual Vore
Inanimate Transformation
Feral Preds
Humiliation and teasing/taunting
Smaller Pred
Ooc teasing
Incestual vore

All vore but Unbirth
Transformation in general
Same Size
Mass Vore

Larger Pred
Sex and similar stuff

Non-vore Scat
Hard Vore

I'm much more active over on discord. If you wanna talk to me more, try finding my discord, Starduster#0001!
be allowed to play or not.

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