Big Fat Man looking for cute prey to play with

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Big Fat Man looking for cute prey to play with

Postby dickraymond » Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:15 am

Hey all:

I've never done one of these before, so bear with me if it's a little odd.

Basically, I'm a pretty big fat dude in real life, and sometimes I like roleplaying myself as a big, fat pred. Or just playing other big fat men in general. That's the mood I'm in lately, and I'm looking for some small boys (not necessarily young, just small in stature) to have some fun with.

I like being able to dominate my prey and show them a good time before they take the plunge into my belly, where they're held captive until I want another go-around. A lot of 18+ stuff is on the table, but I generally prefer to do 18+ stuff with boys, not girls. I can still dominate girls, but it will be more dominating and less lewd. I try to be flexible, but my tastes are what they are.

When I'm RPing in the first person, I like the situation to be me using my big fat belly to literally squeeze myself through the computer screen and push myself out on the other side, to make a meal of my partner. But other situations are certainly available, especially if we're using characters instead.

Fat: big, jiggly, and bouncing.
Vore (Oral, anal, cock all acceptable, more exotic vore could be good depending on situation).

Underage pred/prey.
Human pred/prey.
Gender changes.
Gas (burps/farts).
Cartooniness (fat that stretches and creaks like rubber, for instance).
Sex (anal/oral).
Modern settings.
Stuff using TV characters. (Feel free to ask.) On a similar subject, fourth wall breakage.

Micro prey. If you're going to be micro, I'd rather be the one to shrink you myself.
Multi-prey. I'm OK with it, but depends on whether you want to do it.
Multi-pred. More difficult, but possible.
Digestion with reformation. If we're going to do any kind of digestion, it will be this.
Incestuous stuff. Some relationships are good, others are just weird. Case by case basis.

Hard vore.
Permanent digestion.
Sex where neither participant is fat. Gotta be at least one.
Monster preds. Not really into dragons, or cyclopes, or werewolves, or what have you.
Right now, I'm not really into anthros.

I am also (to an extent) willing to play prey to a big fat character, but I'm definitely more in a pred playing mood these days.

I think that covers the ground, though there might be one or two things I'm forgetting. If you're interested, shoot me a PM. I prefer to do most of my RPing on Discord or Skype, rather than PMs or on the RP chat, so if you have usernames for those you can include them in your PM.

Talk to ya later!

EDIT: You can message me directly on discord if you like instead of PMing me. My discord is Vibe Inspector#9857

ANOTHER EDIT: I don't want to sound judgmental, but if you message me with broken english and bad spelling, it's gonna be pretty unlikely that I actually want to spend time with you. I have an English degree, and that kind of stuff grates on me like nails on a chalkboard.

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