LF female prey for underage pred scenarios and canonplay

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LF female prey for underage pred scenarios and canonplay

Postby Hoboman » Thu May 28, 2020 4:41 pm

Hi, all! As the title says, I’m looking for anyone willing to play female prey to RP with. I often play a human male character, but will play a female character. Third person style is ideal. I do prefer detailed posts, at least a paragraph or 2, but two to four sentences is ok as well. I'm happy to RP either here or on Discord. Liking everything in the first list is not a requirement, it’s all good as long as you share some of them. For availability, I'm good in the afternoons through evenings on weekdays and all day on weekends. I've got a few potential scenarios lined up, but if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to let me know and I'm sure we can work something out! My Discord is KinginTheNorth#8979
Favorite types of prey: Teachers, milfs, cheerleaders, waitresses, businesswomen
Update: 7/8/19: I have a long list of likes and dislikes, feel free to message for more details.
Requirements: Good grammar and spelling One of my biggest pet peeves.
Loves: Digestion, disposal (Requirements right now, whether fatal or not is up for discussion)
Oral/Soft vore, Same-size, Macro/Micro, Stuffing, M/F, F/M, F/F, Foodplay, Non-fatal, Fatal, Disposal, Mouthplay, Aware or unaware, Unwilling or willing, Underage pred, Mass prey, Cruel, Full Tour, Digestion ,Reformation, Burping and Farting, Butt play- Being sat on or trapped under,
Hard/cock vore Unbirthing, Furries, Feral preds,Incest, Watersports, One sentence replies. I don't expect multi paragraphs every time, but I do expect at least a bit more than this.
Ghosting: Do not do this. If you're going to be unavailable for a stretch of time, please let me know first. To be perfectly blunt it's something I've long since lost any tolerance for.
UPDATE: I'm giving some thought to canonplay. Some stuff I'm into: Castlevania, Game of Thrones, Avatar The Last Airbender, Overwatch, Harry Potter, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Doctor Who (Specifically the 13th Doctor and the female Master) Van Helsing movie and Underworld movies.
Some scenarios I like:
Pred captures and shrinks a bunch of random people to eat along with his/her main meal.
Related, a hedonistic ruler gorges herself on her subjects.
A young girl managed to get her hands on a bunch of tinies, and convinces her friend to join in eating them.
A boy deciding to play a prank on his sister by way of eating her friends. Or devouring his super strict teacher. Or convincing his babysitter to let him swallow her.
A vore based restaurant with people on the menu, macro/micro, with a couple as preds. This is one I really like, for the casual aspect of vore.
A scenario involving the pred being taken to the doctor, and said doctor being gobbled up along with a nurse or two.
Prey who wants to be eaten, but the pred is reluctant. Either they shyly oblige and gulp them down, or the prey crams themselves down the pred's throat whether they like it or not.
A vore strip club in which patrons can pay for a private dance and snack on one of the strippers.
A young woman is convinced that she is terminally ill, but she can still save a young boy from dying if she feeds herself to him. This is all a ruse by the doctor partnering up with the predator boy.
A female sumo wrestler who devours her opponents at the end of a match, and is fed people regularly to keep up her weight, is visiting the US and goes to a restaurant. She stuffs herself with a large selection on the menu, including a bunch of tinies made specifically for that purpose. Then she has a waitress for dessert.
Anything involving using vore as a means of defeating an enemy. Especially if it means a bad guy getting their comeuppance.
A girlfriend/boyfriend of the pred is caught cheating! Only one way to handle that, of course.
Or something involving Eda from The Owl House, especially since she is a canon pred.
One general idea I had was evil prey/heroic preds, and the prey getting eaten is treated as them getting their comeuppance. Another one is the designated prey managing to turn the tables.

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