Looking for M Preds for some special vore

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Looking for M Preds for some special vore

Postby Carolfanrel » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:08 am

Hi there, I am a long time lurker on this board and a long time roleplayer. I've reached the point where I want to do some rp again.
I prefer to be a M Prey (or F if you really want it) and look for partners for special vore types and some other stuff. I'm very flexible with the story, but I'm mainly looking for one-shot scenes.
Also I'm not very picky with the length of responses, but it should be at least 1-3 sentences.

Here is a small and not complete overview of the content I like:
- Navel Vore (That is a long time thing for me. Especially when the navel cavity is used for digestion or absorbtion. Can also be combined with musk/dirt.)
- Anal Vore (I like the more messy version of it. Also the digestion could took place directly in there. Fart transformation is also a plus.)
- Feet Vore (Dirty, smelly feets which absorb the victim or transform it into dirt)
- Digestion (That is a must)
- Disposal (A good endpoint for the rp)
- Being Smaller/Micro
- Verbal punishment
- Fart/Burps (pre- and post-vore)
- Smells/Dirt
- Other vore types which can be combined with musk/dirt (armpit, sheath)

I am also ok with more standard vore types, but clearly prefer the ones above.
Thats it, if you have some additional things in mind just ask.

If you have interest in some RP fun together just message me here.

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