Male Human Prey searching for Feral Horse Pred

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Male Human Prey searching for Feral Horse Pred

Postby sweaterbug » Sat May 25, 2019 11:43 am

Hello, I am looking for Preds wanting to play as a feral horse, males and females (and herms) are all welcome! For my character, I would play as a male human prey (I am happy to play both underage and adult), his relation to the horse is not too important (he could work on a farm where the horse is based or have stumbled upon it out of pure chance, for example). I'd also love it if the horse had the ability to talk, as otherwise I find the roleplay tends to be rather one-sided. I would also like it if the roleplay was continuous - we would talk as if we were our characters essentially, and could engage in 'encounters' whenever we both wanted (I understand that this isn't always possible due to time commitments, so this isn't necessary). Furthermore, I have no fixed requirements on how lengthy messages have to be, as I believe that both short and long messages have their place depending on what is currently happening.

I am open to most things, but of course I have a few preferences of my own. As long as you are happy with some of mine then I would be glad to indulge you in yours too.

You as a horse pred of any gender with the ability of speech
Myself as a human male prey

First person POV
Anal vore
Cock vore
Vanilla/Anal/Oral sex
Ball/Cock/Ass/Belly/Pred worship
Master/Owner + Pet/Slave/etc play
Same size
Dirty talking/teasing/moaning/etc

Third person POV
Oral vore

Hard vore
Micro + macro

Anything not listed above I am open to discuss. If you're interested, just send me a message. I tend to roleplay on Discord, but could potentially be open to other instant messengers.

Thank you for reading!

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