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Trans Girl Switch seeks partner (digestion/disposal a must)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:30 pm
by OneOneBearForOne
EDIT: Right at the moment I'm really craving the inclusion of one or more of my non-vore kinks, and/or a cooking scenario, especially with me as the cooked party. I'll give special attention to those willing to rp these things.

ADDITIONALLY: My likes and dislikes apply primarily to those looking to message me, because I get a lot of messages every time this post is bumped and need to filter them somehow. Assume that if I messaged you that I'm desirous of an rp concept that your seeking post has suggested you're amenable to, and that in service of that all of my musts and all of my nos except Underage are negotiable.

Hi everyone, I'm Ayula, a trans woman switch on the lookout for a variety of partners. Stuff has changed for me a bit recently, including my likes and dislikes, so I thought I'd revive this old post with a fresh lick of paint!
I like to rp on this site's PM system, or potentially on Discord, but the key point is long term intermittent communication, I don't have time for blocking out intensive day or evening sessions any more.

Before we go any further-
- Yes, I have a penis.
- No, I don't plan on getting rid of it, at least that's not the plan as it stands.
- No, the characters I play don't have to have one if you don't want.
- No, we aren't going to have a fun time and I'm not going to want to continue rping with you if you're going to be weird about it despite that.

My interests vis-a-vis vore(please read before contacting):
Spoiler: show
  • Fatal vore
  • Digestion
  • Disposal - shit, cum, snot, whatever, gotta have it. Don't particularly mind where, though toilet disposal has a lovely air of condescension; of normalising the vicious.

  • Female prey
  • Female preds
  • Male prey with me as the pred, especially cockvoring them
  • Post-vore fat
  • Cruel or unfeeling preds
  • Taunting
  • Predation across the lines of some social class or other- I fucking love either a material reality in the fiction, or at least a belief on the part of the pred and/or prey, that the prey is uniquely destined to be food for the pred based on gender, race, economic class, social standing, academic performance, or something like that. The more the pred can taunt the prey about it the better.
  • Oral vore, anal vore, cockvore, unbirth, weirder kinds of vore too, I'm flexible. So long as it's samesize.
  • Preds in positions of authority: Teachers, bosses, etc.
  • Serial/gluttonous preds.
  • Preds who deign to "use" the prey for sex or demeaning acts before eating them. In real life, this would be horrifying, but we're talking about a scenario where the dominant intends to eat and kill the submissive, I'm not sure real life comes into it.

  • Furries- I'm not a furry and I'm not really into scenes where everybody involved is a furry, but interactions between anthros and humans (with humans generally being prey) can be very hot- if you want to play with me with you as a male pred btw, being down with this scenario is a sure-fire cheat code.
  • Cooking- I find this pretty hot a lot of the time, actually, I'm just not always in the mood for it and it's honestly kind of its own thing with its own rules separate from everything else- we'd have to talk about it independently.
  • Male preds with me as the prey- The bar is slightly higher here. Hit me with your best scenario idea and I'll see if it's hot.
  • Absorption - This can be hot, but I don't find myself often needing it

  • Micro/Macro - this one isn't as hard a no as the others on this list, but it's just not that hot most of the time.
  • Feral preds - this just isn't hot to me at all. I'm not a zoophile and preds need to be sentient to do a lot of the things I do enjoy.
  • Underage characters - I've humoured a lot of other people on this point in the past and honestly I'm just sick of it, it skeeves me out on its own and the number of potential partners insisting on it do too. I'm not doing it any more at all, so don't ask.
  • Scatplay/Watersports - This isn't the appeal of disposal to me and it's just gross.
  • Raw hard vore - Cooking is it's own thing, but this is either A. Not hot or B. Not hot and actively revolting depending on how descriptive we'd get.
  • Ghosting. This one really bothers me, hence why it's in bold. I solemnly promise that I will. not. get. mad. if you decide you want to stop. If you're not feeling it, it happens, that's fine, it's not your fault, let me know so neither of us needs waste time any longer. Similarly- sometimes people just get busy! It happens to everyone and it's perfectly normal! I know if I got squeezed for time then roleplaying kinky cannibalism with strangers on the internet would be one of the first things to go, it's just sense. I will completely understand if you bring this to me. What I cannot stand is partners either petering off or going silent with no explanation, leaving me to wonder if they couldn't tell me they hated me or were part of some weird sting operation or something, when they probably just got bored. I personally have been bad about this in the past, and I'm in the process of informing old partners, so I will say if you have to unexpectedly cut contact for a while, it's never too late to just drop a line explaining what happened, it would make me feel much better.

Kinks outside of vore I'm interested in (these are all optional, some are incompatible with each other and you can skip it completely if you like, I'm just down if you match with any of them):
Spoiler: show
  • Me as a domme
  • Leashes
  • Attribute Theft
  • Natural Body Magic, specifically in the realm of controlling men by removing and holding hostage their cocks
  • Cooking Vore
  • Bimbo/Himbofication
  • Transformation, particularly into inanimate objects or livestock
  • Inflation, particularly cum inflation and especially popping
  • Shortstacks and major size differences

As far as literacy goes, let's put it this way: I am probably going to end up writing reasonably large paragraphs, and the less weird your writing makes me feel about that, the better. I appreciate that (especially if you're the prey) taking the passive role means sometimes there's not much to write, but sometimes in long term RP it starts feeling bad if I'm the one dragging the RP along. I'd appreciate it if you could spell, but the occasional mistake is no big deal, and grammar has to get pretty egregiously bad before it bothers me. What I do need (if you happen to write a lot) are paragraph breaks and coherent sentences. I'm autistic and I have minor cognitive processing issues resultantly, so if you can't put these things in I will not be able to read your writing.

If that sounds good to you, send me a PM. I live in GMT but have a terrible sleep schedule so no matter where you are I'll likely reply at odd hours, but I will try to get back to you nonetheless.