New member looking for partners!

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New member looking for partners!

Postby UrsaUrsine » Tue May 14, 2019 9:06 pm

Hi there, as my title suggests I'm new to actually making an account on this site. I've lurked for a long time and have always been nervous about actually signing up to rp but today I've decided to just jump in and hope for the best.

First things first, for where to rp I would prefer either here or on discord. If you're interested in an rp on discord though I would ask that you message me first here as I don't feel entirely comfortable just leaving my tag out publicly.

What I'm looking for in someone to rp with would be someone chill and doesn't mind drawing things out a little from time to time, moderate reply lengths (nothing crazy, just a paragraph or two at the very least so we can both give better answers! 3rd person perspective is also strongly desired but I can work with 1st person if you find it easier), and someone who understands that life comes first when it happens. I know personally that I have a very busy schedule at points and I don't always have the energy or patience to respond right away. I will do my best to make sure my partners know if I'm going to be busy for longer than normal and I respect and understand if they have the same happen to them.

With that out of the way, here are things that I have preference towards~

M/M (While my first choice, I absolutely do not discriminate against any other couple types. Though I do lean heavily to playing male characters for myself as I am male and relate more to my characters in that sense.)
OCs are also strongly preferred though depending on if you want a canon character and I enjoy them we might be able to negotiate~
18+: Not negotiable, I do not enjoy content with minors.
Slow burns: I'm not interested in grab and go's, I don't expect it to be months before something happens but I do want to enjoy this as much as you would.
Sex/Romance/Intimacy: I very much enjoy this but it's not required if not wanted

I should also mention now that I have a preference towards playing prey, but I have been making effort to learning how to pred better. If you feel that you could deal with a rather inexperienced pred (maybe help me learn how to please you or others better in the future) then I'll be much more willing to do it!
As for vore rules, everything I list below is both soft vore as well as clean play.
Absorption/Digestion (Preferably done with reformation)
Willing/Unwilling (This is something that I would like to talk about first before getting into any scenes)
Gentle/Rough preds (Again something to discuss first)
Same Size
Size difference (Mostly in a realistic sense, as I have some characters that are just short folks. Limit for both short and tall characters would be, 4' for small characters and around 10 to 12' for tall characters)
Multiple prey (If either you or I depending on who is prey wants to do this I'm okay with it, love scenes will multiple prey sharing a warm space together~)

These are all my main preferences that I can think of off the top of my head, and it will be edited later if I remember something or learn I like something else.

This list below is things I would strongly prefer to stay away from, if you don't see something listed here, please ask about it first before deciding to just do it! I would be quite upset if you forced something on me that I have no enjoyment for and it would likely end us talking or rp'ing for a foreseeable future.

Hard vore
Food play
General unclean play

Neither of these lists have everything I enjoy or dislike, but these are all the things I will be upfront about first. If you have a question about something you enjoy, I cannot stress enough that I would prefer you ask first! I won't expect my partners to enjoy everything I like and I would hope you would give the same courtesy. my f-list here is much more in depth with do's and don'ts, as well as anything marked in the maybe catagory is either something I'm unfamiliar with, or would be dependent on a character/scene. If there's something there you would like to do just ask and I'm sure we could work something out~

Finally as for scenes, I have strong preferences for modern life with magical aspects, but this is the most flexible thing and something I would like to agree upon with a partner.

I believe that is everything. I apologize if I come off as a hard ass at all for this. I hope to get some new partners soon, if you have any questions and are interested please send me a PM! Thank you very much for your time, regardless of if you're interested in rp'ing with me or not.
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