Switch looking for a macro/micro roulette

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Switch looking for a macro/micro roulette

Postby Munchworld » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:14 pm


For this post, I actually had a fairly specific prompt in mind and was wondering if anyone would like to try it with me. By day our two characters are in a stable and loving relationship and by an outsiders perspective fairly normal and vanilla. By night one of them shrinks and they spend the night having fun with it. This can go from vore to foodplay cooking of the shrunken partner, to something more innocent like giving the prey a paper airplane to fly in, taking a bath. They have their fun and the next day they are both normal sized partners going about a normal day. Whichever partner who shrinks at night is random (I can roll a dice) and things can carry over into the next shrinking. If my character goes a little too far playing with your shrunken character then they could be in for a rough house play when my character is the one shrunken. This is the basis of the setting I was hoping to go for. Role reversal is an interesting concept to me and I was thinking this might be a fun way to explore it. I could also be pretty flexible in the preferences we bring to the table.

I have my general preferences listed below but I'll cover a few boundaries.
Here are some common gripes that I'm actually ok with.

1. I dont care about irl gender. To me rping is about imagination and getting involved with the characters and stories we make. I love making long term friends with this site but if knowing my irl gender (Prolly not hard to figure out to be fair) then I'd prefer for it not to come up.

2. I'm pretty flexible on post length. I will try to match my partner in post length or what is appropriate for the situation. If we're writing essays then we're writing essays, if we only need a couple lines of dialogue then that's all that's needed. I wont complain.

3. Long breaks. I work seven day weeks and am a college student. I will post in large bursts and take long breaks. I wont ghost will but will understand if you leave the rp because you're bored, real life needs your attention more or whatever. I'm here to have fun not make long term commitments.

Things I'd rather my partner not do.

1. The only pet peeve I have is when my partners try to write my character for me or telling me how my own character is reacting to an event. For me, part of the fun in rping is unpredictability of people and so I like to keep us contained to the thoughts and feelings of our own characters


Female Pred
Mouth play and oral vore
Teasing pred
Gentle pred
Sadistic pred
Human Pred

Willing to do

Anal vore (As pred but dont want this as prey)
Alien pred
Fairy pred
Anthro pred

Wont do
bad breath
Violence and gore.
Same size

Aaaaand that's about it. Send me a message if you're interested. I rp by pms, skype or discord so whatever's your pleasure.

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