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Switch Seeking Discord RP

Postby Daddy0Clock » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:48 am

Spoiler: show
Playing Prey (Male, Female, or Futa)
Playing Predator (Male, Female, or Futa)
Oral, Anal, Vaginal, and Cock Vore
Same-size and Macro/Micro
Monster Girls
Some Non-Humanoids

Gas/Bad Smells
Male Preds (when playing prey)

Anything else; just ask, and I'll tell you if I'm into it

PM me so we can swap Discord info

Heya, I’m just looking for a casual RP on Discord. I'm not very picky when it comes to what type of pred that I'll play, but when I'm a prey I usually only like female or futanari predators. My preferred types of vore are oral, anal, and unbirthing, but I also like cock vore too. I don’t like scat, watersports, gore/blood or anything having to do with bad smells. I'm good with same-size and macro/micro, but I love size-difference stuff so I lean towards macro/micro most of the time. I prefer endo/soft vore, but I'm fine with digestion for the most part too. Some of my other vore kinks include mouthplay, foodplay, and licking.

I also enjoy femdom related stuff (though I prefer it light) and other sexual things in my RPs. I’m good with most gender combinations except for M/M. I’m not into all types of furries, but almost anything else is a definite yes for me. Dragons, some animals, humans, demons, scalies/saurians, demi-humans/monster girls, aliens; just ask, and there’s a good chance I’ll be fine with playing it or you playing it.

My ideal partner is someone who is also a switch and is willing to play a predator for me after I play predator for them- or vice-versa if they’d prefer- or someone who exclusively plays preds, since I lean pretty heavily towards playing prey myself. I’d also like it if they had decent grammar and spelling; post length usually isn’t a big deal for me so long as it isn't just a single sentence. I like using canon settings and characters, but I'm not a stickler for having them be in character; I'm always open to talking about ideas that my partner might have, too.

Here's some random scenarios that I like, most of them as pred and prey:
Spoiler: show
-A horny boyfriend/girlfriend couple getting down and dirty before one of them eats the other. (pred/prey)
-Superhero-based RPs! Can't get enough of these. I'd love to do an RP with canon characters from Marvel or DC, or certain other superhero properties, but OCs are welcome too. (pred/prey)
-Getting dominated by a hot lady pred, or dominating a hot lady prey. Not really in the bondage sense; just being utterly at someone else's mercy. (pred/prey)
-I like scenarios where a person unexpectedly meets a strange/mythological creature of some sort, both in fantasy and modern settings. Sphinxes, dragons, demons, angels, lamias, aliens, etc. (pred/prey)
-Vore in casual/modern settings. Police officers swallowing crooks, office workers having someone with their morning coffee, prostitutes eating their clients, teachers eating their unruly students, a mother eating her kid, restaurants that serve people etc; anything that shows vore in a world like ours. (pred/prey)
-Being owned by a giantess, or shrunken down to act as someone's pet. This situation doesn't really appeal to be as the dominant/big partner, but I like it as the smaller partner. (prey)

I think that’s about it. If you’ve read all this and are interested in an RP, just PM me and I’ll give you my Discord information. Thanks for reading this!

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