[M4F] My Girlfriend is Looking at Me Weird Since I Shrank...

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[M4F] My Girlfriend is Looking at Me Weird Since I Shrank...

Postby Daddy0Clock » Tue Nov 30, 2021 6:43 pm

I’m currently typing this on my phone (which strangely enough hasn’t lost any charge since “the incident”) while hiding underneath the bed in our apartment. My girlfriend is prowling around outside on all fours in only her underwear and a cat-ear headband, loudly asking “where her little mousey is”. Occasionally, she meows. I NEED HELP.

I can’t provide too much context since I don’t want to get to shipped off to some government research facility, but I work with a pharmaceutical company that’s been doing some experimentation with resizing objects recently. I’ve worked with everything from growth hormones to experimental molecule manipulators while on the job. I won’t bore you with the details of the lab accident or how I managed to escape the lab and made it back home since it’s not really relevant to my current situation and fully explaining everything would take way too long, but in hindsight my epic journey probably should have had a different destination in mind.

I never minded my girlfriend’s vore fetish until I was small enough for her to actually enact it. It was quirky and weird, but feeding her gummy bears and massaging her stomach or doing a little roleplaying in bed was a small price to pay for a woman who loved to deepthroat me when she gave me head. Now she still loves deepthroating, but I’m a little more reluctant to try it.

She was just happy to see me at first, since she had received word (along with a ton of hush money) from the company that employed me saying I had unexpectedly died after exposure to chemicals. She was also super understanding in helping me get used to my new size, and was more than happy to ferry me around the apartment and make sure I was safe, entertained, and that my needs were met. But then she started making little comments here and there. It was cute when she said I was “looking like a snack” when I was taller than her; less so when she says the same thing while looming over me and licking her lips. Or when she asked if I could hop inside of her sandwich wrap since “she could use the extra protein”. It didn’t stop at words; her kisses (already a wet affair thanks to residual saliva and her lip gloss) gradually started to incorporate more tongue. A brief brush at first; now she practically sucks me halfway into her mouth when she used to simply give me a quick peck on the lips, and usually follows it up by commenting on how good I taste.

That was disconcerting enough on its own, but she kept escalating. She started playing some of the games we used to do, and even tried to replicate certain scenarios that she told me she had fantasized about. Sometimes it was cutting up one of her meals and making me ferry the chunks to her open mouth while she rested her head on the table, or plopping me down on her belly and telling me to rub it “if I didn’t want to do it from the inside”. One time she even dumped me into a bowl of popcorn while we were watching a movie, only letting me back out after I had dodged her hands for a couple of minutes while she scooped popcorn into her mouth. Even then, she insisted on licking off all the butter and flavoring that had gotten stuck to my body. Now every time I hear the tell-tale growling of her stomach I dread whatever game she has cooked up next.

She also bought a ton of cheap, “sexy” costumes online. Witch, teacher, succubus, maid, barbarian, nurse, pirate, cheerleader, superhero, soldier, Egyptian queen, burglar, the aforementioned cat-ears... I still remember the time she came out of the bathroom wearing a “sexy policewoman” outfit, her stomach roughly circled with a sharpie and labeled “JAIL”. The second she started talking about how naughty I’d been and how she had a nice, warm cell waiting for me I had bolted, and was on the lam for over two hours before she finally gave up on putting me away.

She’s gotten better at finding my hiding places, and in my mind it’s only a matter of time before she either wins one of her games or just gets fed up with me- no pun intended- and decides to take what she wants. I can’t exactly break up with her since she could just as easily “dump” me, and it’s starting to look like I’ll be this size forever- the shrinking hasn’t worn off at all and I can’t exactly cure myself with the things we have lying around the house.

Damn it, she just came into the bedroom; I’m not even sure if there’s a point to me typing all this, but I could sure use any help or tips you guys can give!


Thanks for checking out my post! I should probably mention that I'd be more than happy to change some of the details of this RP up; we could set it in a fantasy or sci-fi world, or even do Rule 34; and despite the title and content of my post you don't necessarily have to play my girlfriend! You could be my wife, my mother or sister, my old college professor, a co-worker or my boss at work, a random person who picked me up off the street, or even just a good friend or neighbor I went to in my time of need!

About Me: Before we get down to all my different interests when it comes to vore, I thought I'd take the time to talk about myself for a bit. I'm an experienced writer and RPer, having done both for a couple of years now. I got my start by RPing, wrote a few vore stories once I realized how much I enjoyed it, and then came back to RPing afterwards- if you'd like to see my work, please feel free to ask!

Writing Style: In an RP I tend to write long, detailed posts; preferring to have a longer period of time between replies so that I can try to polish my posts to "story-level" quality, rather than snappy back-and-forth interactions. As such I prefer partners who like to write a lot; I myself can easily write out several paragraphs per reply, and while I'm not a stickler for post-length I do prefer partners who can write at least 2-3 paragraphs when the ball is in their court. I also usually prefer to write in the first person. I personally don't mind if my partner writes in the third person while I write in the first, though I know that is a problem for some people.

Replies: I usually try to reply as soon as I can, but life being what it is I can sometimes be delayed. If I anticipate something like that happening I'll try and give a warning that I might be unavailable for a while, otherwise I'll try and get back as soon as I can.

Preferred Platforms: My preferred platforms are PMs, either here on Eka's Portal or on reddit; I do have a Discord, but I usually reserve that for people that I really click with in terms of personality, so I might ask that we talk or RP a bit before I hand it over.

Characters: I don't have any OCs or anything like that; I usually create my characters for each RP, asking my partner for their preferences on how they look. I can also play canon/Rule 34 characters in those types of RPs. On the flipside, I vastly prefer partners who are switches or who exclusively play predator characters.

Information I Usually Ask For: Before I start RPing I usually try to ask a lot of questions to get a better feel for what my partner likes. If you'd like to skip some of that then you can feel free to provide a list of your favored kinks/fetishes- as well as your "limits", the things that you dislike- when you PM me. And if you REALLY want to catch my attention, you can send me some of your own ideas or talk about what you liked about my prompt in your first message, or even send me a sample of your previous writing so that I know you're a good partner! A short message asking if I want to RP with you that doesn't really give me anything to go off of is something that I tend to ignore, since it gives me no indication of how you write or what you like and whether or not we'd be a good match.

To wrap things up, here's a list of my kinks and limits; if you're interested in R34, then feel free to say so in your message and I'll provide a list of settings/characters I'm interested in:

Kinks and Limits:
Vore Related Kinks I Particularly Enjoy:
Spoiler: show
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Size-Difference (Pred being larger than their prey, but not to the extent that they should logically be able to swallow them whole)
Full Tours
Digestion (Not too painful/gory)
Weight Gain (Just a bit; chubby is fine, but BBW and up isn't)
Teasing Predators
Willing Prey
Unwilling Prey
Having Sex/Masturbating Inside the Stomach
Food In Stomach
Sexualized Vore

Non-Vore Related Kinks I Enjoy:
Spoiler: show
Vanilla Sex (Vaginal, Anal, or Oral Sex basically)
Butt Play (Face-Sitting, Ass Worship, Fisting, Rimming (Giving and Receiving), etc.)
Foot Play
Equal Relationships
Interracial Relationships'
Monster Girls
Monsters/Aliens (Including female monsters or aliens, but also me playing a male monster/alien)
Beastiality (When I'm playing the animal; not so much into the reverse)
Muscular/Athletic Partners
Voluptuous Partners
Women in Uniform

Limits, AKA Stuff That Turns Me Off:
Spoiler: show
Hard Vore
Disposal/Scat (Teasing the prey about it is fine so long as it isn't too explicit, but actual disposal scenes are a definite turn-off)
Alternative Vore Types (Nostril, Navel, Breast, etc.)
Sexualized Gore (If it happens in a fight scene or as part of the scenery it's fine, but if it's meant to titillate it's a turn-off)
Heavy Pain/Blood
Hyper Muscle/Fat
Furries (Werewolves are usually okay, and I like X-Com's Vipers and humanoid dragons on the scalie side of things; there are a few other exceptions, but for the most part I'm not into furries that much)
Sexualized Children (For fictional settings with underage protagonists I typically prefer to age them up to 18 at the earliest)

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