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MeltyCG's Role Playing Profile Ad

Postby MeltyCG » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:48 pm

Melty Character Group
Because Great Taste Comes In Many Flavors

Profile Link:
I am a Switch
Highly Prefer Female Players/Characters
Discord: MeltyCG#4607
TIMEZONE: Eastern Standard

I tend to be rather shy meeting new people and I normally wont approach someone unless I feel comfortable with them. That being said I am not unfriendly to new people. Which is why I am writing this, thing.

General Role Play Style
My general role play style is to always act in character. I will always act as how I represented the character to act and feel. Now this does however mean at times I will play a slightly altered version of my character in order to complete a particular role in the RP. However, if you see the character is generally cutesy and happy and kind, even if they are acting as pred that personality will remain. If the character is a jerk and mean even as prey they will remain that way. I try to be semi realistic presenting feelings and emotions along with reactions and actions that a normal person in this situation may display. If you read through the character and do not think you would enjoy the character as represented please do not ask to RP with me. I will not change my character for you.

• Playing As Prey/Micro Normally Preferred
• Preference For being Unwilling!
• Preference For Being Uppity Prey
• Mean/Bratty Preds/Macros Adored
• Younger Preds/Macros Loved
• Toying And Teasing Loved
• Endo For Teasing Enjoyed
• Loves Surprise Kinks
• Enjoys Struggling And Domination
• Gets shy playing micro in groups.
• Tries to act semi realistically.
• Willing To Play As Alternate Genders
• Willing To Play Alternate Gender.

• Preference For Dominating Prey/Micro
• Preference for being playful more than mean.
• Breaking Prey/Micro Mentally Adored
• Gentle And Kind With Younger Prey/Micros
• Needs A Reason To Be Mean
• Enjoys Teasing With Endo
• Likes To Play Games With Prey/Micros
• Enjoys Forcing Prey/Micros To Be Sexual
• Prefers Non Oral Vore
• Will Play Macro/Pred In Groups
• Does Not Like Animals/Ferals As Prey/Micros
• Willing To Play As Younger Version Of Character
• Willing To Play As Alternate Genders
• Likes Catch And Release Scenarios

Feel free to drop me a line in a PM if you want to RP sometime.
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