F Switch Seeking F Pred/Prey for anal vore RP

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F Switch Seeking F Pred/Prey for anal vore RP

Postby KateLove11 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 1:10 pm

Hi all, back again searching for more lovely ladies that like butt play just as much as I do! Or, maybe half as much is sufficient :wink:. I'm okay with playing either pred or prey, I have a slight preference toward prey but I'm really up for either. I really just love the idea of being degraded or degrading my prey as nothing more than ass food, with plenty of time to get familiar with my/their fate as possible. I'll throw a few of my scenario ideas below, along with a list of my favorite kinks that I like to include. I'm open to playing a futa character as well, I really enjoy the idea of cock voring someone and then shooting them into someone else's asshole... anyways!

Sample Scenarios:
-One of us is the queen of a powerful kingdom with a dark secret. In order to maintain their prominence and keep the throne in the right hands, dark magics have been employed and few know what really goes on in the depths of the queen's chambers. Once every full moon the queen sacrifices one of her people in a dark ritual where... I'm sure you get the idea.
-Another play on the queen scenario could involve the queen herself being degraded, dragged through the mud *so to speak*, before meeting her final fate.
-One of us has stopped to look for directions at the wrong place, a farm seemingly run by just one woman. She seems nice enough and makes you some coffee/tea/whatever while you wait for her to get her phone. Something in the drink doesn't taste quite right though, and before you know it your jolted awake surrounded by an environment you don't recognize. Everything seems so much... bigger? It doesn't take long to realize that somehow, some way, you've been shrunk. There's barely time to gather your senses when you begin to hear footsteps approaching and a familiar voice. I'm open to animal play with this one.
-One of us is in a relationship with our girlfriend Jasmine (or some other name), who tells you that she wants to experament a bit in the bedroom. She brings up the idea of a threesome with another woman. You reluctantly agree, unsure of how you really feel about the situation. Things become even more confusing when the girl that Jasmine brings home with her reveals her throbbing, hungry, cock. This one's tweakable, but a potential cock vore scenario should we want to go that route.

I'm absolutely open to hearing more ideas! Just wanted to throw a few out there first to catch some interest :wink:. I'll list my kinks below, and feel free to shoot me a message so we can set something up!

Anal Vore
Ass Licking/Sniffing
Ass Worship
Really anything ass related, the extent is up to you
Cock Vore (for futa scenarios)


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