Loli Pred/Prey Looking for Pregnancy Rp

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Loli Pred/Prey Looking for Pregnancy Rp

Postby Iwannabeinyourbelly » Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:52 pm

Hiya Ive been on Ekas for almost a year now. I'm good at doing details replies (though any length is no issue to me) My only mandatory thing in the rp is that the character I play must be a loli, just a preference of mine (I also like the way they fit into the pred, or how the prey fits in them :D ) (and also irl I am a 21 year old woman)

I wanted to update this post as my likes have changed currently I'm looking for an rp involving unbirth, though any rp involving pregnancy would be good with me ^^ I'm pretty much good with anything except for mainly hard vore, so feel free to suggest any and all kinks you'd like to add to the rp. I do have plenty of other kinks myself, but prefer my partner to have a good time as well, so I'll tell you what part of your likes line up with mine, same goes for dislikes.

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