Voracity Voyage - A seafaring vore rp server.

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Voracity Voyage - A seafaring vore rp server.

Postby Grapefruitfanfic » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:39 pm

Hi! This is a brand new server I'm making with my friends on Discord! It's a fantasy world with all types of races of people and all types of roles and niches you can fill. It's set in the near-distant past, between the 1500s and 1800s. No major technology has been invented but magic is plentiful. This world isn't Earth.

Here's our lore!

In a time long ago in a land far away there was a goddess. She governed over the fish and creatures of the ocean. Her generous donations of fish gave people helped feed them, and helped them grow. Soon, they demanded more from her. Every day the number of fish she had to give out got higher and the number of fish she had got lower. The people were starved. They were angry. She felt guilt for not being able to feed them and wept. Her tears surrounded her and filled the space around her with an unyielding wetness. This became the sea, in which her power would be revered. Hundreds of years has past. For all that loved her, the cultists and her own part of humanity she kept and modified to fit her will, they got the glory she kept from the land living humans. Everyday humans still starved. There were no other animals. They resorted to devouring themselves, often times whole. A few nobles and a few of the desperate set their masts and sailed out into the unforgiving sea.

We hope you join our server and have a wonderful time!
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