Herm pred looking for bigger pey to churn up

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Herm pred looking for bigger pey to churn up

Postby DrashaTheImmortal » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:14 pm

Hi there! As the title of the post states, Im' a Herm pred who is currently looking for cute but much larger meals then myselfto churn up and shit out. I have absolutely NO limits when it comes to disposal. Be it Into someone, on them, messy, solid, liquid, gas, half digest, etc, All of its good to me. Same goes for cum disposal and urine, although i much prefer the former and second over the last. Currently my character stands at 6 foot 8 so anything bigger then that works fine. Although mini giants, large lamia, even giants or just huge prey girls/boy or unlucky preds is a huge plus
Along with this, as far as my prey goes I am ok with any race,gender,age or species. Hell play a piece of fruit if you wish. As long as you end up in my gut and sliding out the back in the end, its all the same to me. As far as post/rp length and PoV go, im down for anything. Be it a short gulp and go or some long story, filled with twists and turns and giant meaty posts.

Wont Do:

IRL teasing/rp
Non Oc characters

Probably wont but feel free to ask
Hard Vore

anal vore
willing prey
water sports
taunting prey
melty digestion
soul vore
prey being used as a toilet
Cock Vore
Painful digestion
underage prey
Unwilling prey
Multi prey

If your interested the best way to contact me is on Discord , the id being [email protected]

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