Update: Devoured...

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Update: Devoured...

Postby Achenar » Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:53 am

I've been friends with Altis for a long time now, and we'd always enjoyed a relationship of teasing and fantasizing. Finally, after one of his would-be prey backed out, my indulgence and friendship led me to "fill in".

I'm far too fond of him even now to deny him when he gets an idea in his head. Even when that indulgence lets him transform me into a cute girl and swallow me whole and alive into the dark, churning depths of his stomach. Even when, a day into a week-long digestion, he declares his intent to digest me permanently. In fact... the intimacy and desire that underlaid his decision... made me deeply happy.

And so, late in the evening of June 10th, I was digested completely by my friend. The last of my body became nutrients and was absorbed, leaving my new existence as just fat on his previously slim middle. But you can still see me - as a shy female face incorporated into the tribal tattoos on his middle. My eyes half-lidded and a quiet and exhausted, yet content, expression creasing my face. Displaying that I am at peace with this result. I'm a part of him now, forever... and anyone who looks at his belly knows exactly who he ate, and catches a glimpse of why they might want to consider being the next person to adorn his seeking page~ I certainly won't object to company... not that I can, anymore...

My seeking post is listed below under the first spoiler tag. Still open to RP, by the grace of Altis~ Feel free to poke both him and me if you feel a desire to have your face join mine on his stomach, even if it's only a temporary stay; we'd almost certainly be happy to have someone else layered onto him...

Spoiler: show

Hiya. I'm a site veteran, people usually call me Solan, or sometimes Cobalt. I've started to lean towards some more unique kinks lately, and am hoping to build a Discord network of folks who might be interested in the same itches. I'm a sub-lean, but have my dominant moods and try to be aware of others wanting to take a turn sliding down into the darkness sometimes.

http://rp.aryion.com/account/Achenar contains a nice variety of characters that should give you a general idea of the body types and personalities I tend to play to. I generally tend to play humans and demi-humans, though I maintain a pair of fuzzies for those who only enjoy anthro in one or both spots. (The fuzzies aren't listed there, they're an amber-furred hair named Linse with a predatory bent and a more submissive lynx boy with pale grey fur.) While I play both male and female, males tend to be at best on the softer side of appearance like Yishai, and frequently lean towards being outright femme (see Maid_Solan, one of my primary alts, for a pretty clear example); females run a somewhat wider spectrum. I'm also fond at times of playing with trans characters, like Sumomo or Hulda - or on the other side, Mieki.

Preference-wise it's difficult to put anything to paper, as the lack of sliders in most of the profiles shows. My wants shift and alter by the day. In broad strokes, I mainly enjoy vore as a form of deep intimacy and connection (c.f. basically everything Chammy has ever written) but at times also yearn for a predator who simply decides they want to consume someone simply for the joy of doing so. I dislike perma-play in almost all circumstance, but revel in scenes that end with some sort of finality to them, even if we fully intend to play the same characters again - possibly even together! (Temp-play on the other hand is lovely even if I tend to get cold feet if the time runs too long.) All in all it's best simply to approach me with an idea, my limits are primarily just outright cruelty and anything directly repellant to the senses, like musk or scatplay. Plenty of other things will need me to be in the right "mood" but I tend to surprise myself with what I'm okay with.

The only major thing I ask is fluency. It is not a bad thing to have difficulties with English, it's an absurdly slapdash language riddled with exceptions. But I will not be able to enjoy myself if your writing is Full of unneeded Capital letters, or if you frequently mis-spell even simple words. It distracts me too much for it to work with me, personally. On the same subject, effort is... crucial to me. If my partner isn't trying - and it'll be obvious - then there's nothing to enjoy. Why put myself out there if my partner clearly doesn't care whether I'm having fun or getting any enjoyment out of our RP? It's especially upsetting to me because I revel in the details of the digestive (or other) process, and I've had far too many partners already who don't care and don't even try to provide any sort of details even when I go out of my way to probe for them. So please - if you want to play with me, act as if you want to play. If you can agree to that, and you're interested in some of these ideas (or even just playing some more garden-variety vore and/or transformation), PM me for my Discord handle. Or, if you don't have/want Discord, we can try to set something up over PM instead.

For a general idea of what I'm looking for at present, here are some scene ideas and non-vore kinks I enjoy as part of the play.

Processing Vore
Spoiler: show
The idea of vore where the prey is not digested in the traditional sense of being melted into fat or a load of cum, but instead is "processed" into something new by the predator's body. This could be an object, like a piece of jewelry or a trendy outfit, or it could be a means of directly transforming the prey's body. Works well with predators who have atypical insides, like an artificial, alien, or divine being - the predator's gullet might even have been designed specifically to process anything it takes in. A concrete example involves my character Nakiru, who devours children from the Naughty List and squeezes them out the other end as presents to put under the tree of more deserving kiddies. She especially loves turning them into pet foxes to be loved and pampered.

Spoiler: show
A variant of processing vore, where instead of a "finished product", the prey is turned into the predator's new pregnancy. Different from unbirth pregnancy, in that the prey is swallowed whole and undergoes some type of processing before being passed to the uterus to begin gestation. When I've done it previously, the prey was reduced to a slurry of genetic information, which then combined with the predator's own to create the material for a new pregnancy before being pumped into the uterus and either implanted or reformed into a new younger body.

Spoiler: show
A vore result based on pixiv user 第3の狂森's works, especially their earlier pieces. The prey is connected to the vital systems of the predator (e.g. arteries and nerves) and part of all of their body's functions are hijacked or altered in order to make the prey carry out some necessary function for the predator's body. This is generally an irreversible process, reducing the prey from an independent living creature to just another organ like their heart or stomach. Usually this is done to provide some function the predator isn't originally capable of, as part of the predator's life cycle, or to replace an organ that's in danger of failing. Optionally, the prey's body might atrophy, losing much of its mass and form outside of the parts relevant to the predator's need (this is particularly likely in same-size).
https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqltmifa5brck ... h.doc?dl=0 should serve as an example (this is a rough of a story I eventually intend to post)

Adjacent Kinks
Spoiler: show
I've recently become very interested in what I call femme-ification. This involves taking a boy who ordinarily is (and wants to be) masculine and, through either training and cosmetics or via directly altering body and mind, refining them to present as feminine instead. This is different from gender-bending; the target still has a cock, and they identify as male, but their soft skin, curvy form, long hair, quiet voice, and feminine clothing is equally a part of who they have become. I'm interested in the process of doing so, usually either as building up to a turnabout where the femme boy turns around and eats his "trainer", or as a more straightforward vore plot where the predator particularly enjoys eating feminine boys and grooms his prey to make them more pleasing to his palate.
I also have a general interest in inanimate transformation beyond the processing scenario above. Again, it's the process that's most important here, along with the result of the transformation being something whose new owner will cherish and make use of - a doll, a cute outfit, lingerie, a prized weapon or magical focus, and so forth. Also the result needs to be conscious on some level still - what's the fun of being a cute skirt if you can't feel yourself being pulled snug up around someone's waist and fluttering against their legs?
Also, mpreg. Mpreg is good. A scenario that ends up with "me" or my character gravid and blushing up a storm is almost certain to get my attention.
As alluded to in the last one, player/avatar play, where one or both sides plays either themself or a "version" of themself (e.g. "me but a handsome elven archer" or "me but seventeen") and uses first-person. This is in no way required but a lot of these kinks and ideas get a lot more visceral when it's "me" that they're happening to.
Long-term digestion is a gift. Something like a cold-blooded reptilian character who digests their prey over a period of a week or even multiple is rather enticing. Works nicely with temp-vore and/or profile play too.

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