Male Prey looking for Female Pred for voracious fun chats~!

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Male Prey looking for Female Pred for voracious fun chats~!

Postby IntimateTruth » Thu May 25, 2023 11:54 pm

Hey there, stranger~

Thanks for visiting this page, even if it is for a second just to check things out!
My name is Jamie and I've been messing around with this kink for a few years now...
In that time I've had plenty of fun, but I think I also learned how to make others quite happy, and how to grow and cherish friendships in this cute kink community.

As the title of this post kinda suggests, I'm looking for people who like the idea of being Predators, and in this case specifically Preds who are open to fun conversations, and not necessarily always roleplaying.
Too often I come across people who are hyper-fixated on a rp, and while it can be fun from time-to-time, its a bit tiring when its the usual. So I'm specifically on the lookout for open-minded people who enjoy talking about this kink in general, exploring our thoughts and feelings about it, and people who also find general flirting and teasing to be really enjoyable too~

Something I've been interested in as of late is potentially being friendly enough with someone to the point where they are comfortable maybe voice chatting! I did something similar a while ago with a rp partner who was comfortable with what was basically phone sex over discord, except focusing on vore. It was really nice, but obviously not everyone is comfortable or interested in that right away. So if you think you have the potential to want to try something like that eventually, then we could get chatting over text and warm up to each other a bit first! But obviously, thats not 100% necessary and I'm still happy with text.

So if a friendship with a interested and passionate Prey sounds appealing to you, then I'd really love to talk more~ Especially if you want to tell me all about your desires, urges, and fantasies. There's nothing nicer than fun conversations where we can both relate to each other on a kinky-level, and tease/flirt with each other while doing it <3

I think this sums my ideal up:

  • Open to casual chats about all sorts of things
  • Enjoys talking and teasing/flirting about vore-related ideas~
  • Likes to really embody their fursona/persona (What I mean is, if you like the idea of being a big furry Pred, then just go ahead and be that! You don't have to treat it like its a character, when its really you after all)
  • And of course, if you want, we can just roleplay when we are in the mood for that too.

All that being said, I do have a whole lot of kinks, and usually people who get along in terms of their fetishes can also get along well in general, so here are some of them:

  • Oral vore
  • Mouthplay
  • Kissing
  • Licking/Tasting
  • Me playing as someone with soft skin (I love the contrast between big hungry Preds and small Prey with smooth skin just begging to be swallowed up~ I don't like having fur, but being something like a Catboy or Neko or Demi-human is perfectly fine with me, if you don't want a 100% human prey that is.)
  • Describing sounds
  • Overwhelming warmth
  • Size differences (less than half your size to just a little shorter than your neck)
  • Human / Humanoid Predators
  • Female Predators
  • Male Predators (only if you are a furry, I don't like human males or masculine humanoids. Catboys and such are fine if they are a bit more feminine/lean, but big/buff humans are a nono. Buff furries/scalies on the other hand are Extremely loved!~)
  • Femboys (Can be furry or humanoid)
  • Furry Species: AKA; Lions, Tigers, Horses, any sort of Anthro Furry that is typically associated with Male might and muscles~ Don't be afraid to ask about anything, I want you to be who you are comfortable with!
  • Being a (debatable) Willing-Prey
  • Submissive vs Dominant, but I love being cheeky / bratty in a cute way.
  • Some non-vore sexual things (Mostly mouth related kinks though)
  • Endo or digestion (My rule on this is that I love both exactly equally, once I am inside your belly, you have all the control, so you can decide what happens to me~)
  • Saliva / Drool~
  • Muscular / Bara type Predators
  • Being shorter

  • Food play (pouring sweets on someone to lick them off~
  • Extreme size differences (I can be a tiny micro if you prefer that, but it depends on moods)
  • Cock vore (Oral is my favorite for sure, because mouths in general are amazing, but cocks are great too~
  • Anal vore (same with cock)
  • Full on sex
  • Unwilling (hopefully turning at least a little willing, or rather being curious about being swallowed~)
  • Bondage
  • Same size

  • Scat
  • Too much disposal (If you like the idea of ending a roleplay this way, its fine, just as long as it isn't the main idea here)
  • Hard vore
  • Graphic, gory digestion (Painful digestion is fine~ and even encouraged if that's what you prefer, but nothing so awful that I need to really sweat trying to describe it to you.

If I've missed anything you like, I guess you'll just have to either shoot me a DM or add me up on discord~!
I really love discussing kinks of all kinds, so never feel afraid to approach me at all.

Looking forward to meeting you~

DM me here on Aryion, or add me on discord.
Discord: Jaymee#3130

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