LF Pred to RP Vacuum/Pipe Vore

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LF Pred to RP Vacuum/Pipe Vore

Postby Myuu » Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:45 pm

I'm searching for a pred willing to help play out some scenarios related to vacuum vore with an emphasis not so much on just a simple vac used to hoover up prey but also a whole system intended for embarrassing and storing prey away. This could include:
-pipes and hoses of various materials, some stretchier than others, most seemingly too thin but plenty bulgy and capable of taking in large prey
-funnels/nozzles for sucking prey up and around within the system itself
-tanks and tight rubbery compartments
-definitely plenty of bulging, some detailed, some more amorphous. Bonus points for undulating cartoonish instances as well.
-other such bizarre things!
I'd absolutely love if the person playing the pred came up with some of this stuff to surprise me but I know this is also something very strange and hard to think of.
As with many of my ideas this would probably have me playing some stereotypically busty monstergals of various species that the pred would collect and send in. I'd also be down to do some more "normal" shenanigans afterwards, maybe involving CV. Perhaps there's a built in hole for preds to stick their meat in and pull out prey, it can be as ridiculous as you want.
Preferably the responder can manage a couple of lines per response to keep things nice and juicy with details! I'm adaptable as long as we're not doing paragraphs and paragraphs per response.
Please PM me if interested!

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