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M prey looking for fatal vore

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 12:52 pm
by Lucero
Hello everyone,
I am always looking for some nice RP. Therefore I hope to find some persons who want to torture and digest me in all possible ways.
So for me, I am Lucero a male young human boy or anthro wolf. At the moment I am mainly looking for some nasty, hungry preds.
Here is a short and incomplete list of things I like in RPs:

- I am ok with almost any vore type, as long as it has digestion (and maybe a way of disposal)
- I mostly enjoy anal vore and some special vore types
- I like smelly preds, who love to torture their preys
- As stated above, I prefer fatal vore preferably with disposal or maybe body part transformation
- I like to be an unwilling meal, also willing is discussable
- Rarely I play pred (I have to be in the right mood for it)

At the moment I am mostly interested in some smelly alternative vore like anal, navel or even feet vore~
Of course the other vore types are also ok if you are more interested in these~

If you got something else in mind, which is not listed here, feel free to ask me~
My post length is flexible can range between a few sentences to whole paragraphs.

For a more complete list and infos for my faves and kinks you can look at my F-list profile:

If you are interested you can PM me here or at F-list.
You can also find me on discord: Lucero#7681

I hope to be your toy and prey soon~