Male/ Female Prey looking for Male pred (digest and scat)

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Male/ Female Prey looking for Male pred (digest and scat)

Postby JettCabino » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:28 pm

Jett Cabino#7300 or here on Pms.

Oral, Anal, and Cock
Loves daddy preds and elderly grandpa preds
Loves Fat, Muscle, Fat and Muscle, gaunt, facial haired, body haired Preds
Loves being Human or an Anthro Owl for myself (but species is always flexible)
Loves gruesome digestion with detail (pain, gorey melting, bone breaking, messy guts, indigestion, constipation)
Bone scat loved. Also fur feathers and scales in scat.
Burps and Farts are a love
Gorey cum digestion
Cruel/Casual Vore
Same size/ Bigger Preds/Smaller Preds
Loves basically any species organic, robot, inanimate anthro, or otherwise.
Loves being half digested and coughed up or shot out a dick before being reconsumed.
Bad smells, loud gurgles, and preds crushing me against walls to help digest me down
Canon or OC
Love sex and mpreg
Is a Teratophiliac (Monster Fucker)
Loves masks and helmets, suits of armor, and costumes, especially when treated as part of the body.

Me being female prey (still want male preds though)
Regular preg with me as the female
Herms (Male herms are easy, but female herms are especially difficult without nasty digestion and/or disposal)

Any other questions ask...


There are some obscureish characters I have fallen for recently. Looger, Rhombus, Turbine, Bootcamp, Rattlecrab, and Leon Jenkins from Scaler, and the Dark Yabu from Vexx. I think they would be hot af. Everyone listed from Scaler is a mutant lizard aside from Rattlecrab. Looger is a buff big bad with electric powers, Rhombus is a musclegut iguana with high jumps and bouncing, and Turbine is a fat (not sure what species) with bad breath. Bootcamp also has bad breath, and fire breath, but is essentially a massive monster lizard. Rattlecrab is a slightly less massive creature that is a flying monster crab. Also Leon is a hero lizard who was human and the father to Scaler that disappeared because of dimensional travels and being a scientist. Plus he has Repidactyl (though she is a female, a male Repidactyl would be fine as a pred). The Dark Yabu is a Shadow Wraith and has a humanoid form and a monster arthropod form. Plus The Dark Yabu has actually stated that his 'children' will devour the world. So it safe to assume he could devour someone himself.

Also there is the Hydra and Hades from Disney's Hercules, the Leviathan from Atlantis, the Lost Empire, Thrax, the two germs following him, and The Mole (From Osmosis Jones and Ozzy and Drix).

One thing I really want to do is some feral bodied, small birds and an anthro or human. The small birds would be pred. The birds I may want can be from Canon. Examples: Zazu (Lion King original or remake), Iago (Aladdin), Talkatoo (Mario Odessey), Arpeggio (Sly Cooper 2), Kowalski (Penguins of Madagascar), Hans the Puffin (Penguins of Madagascar), and any you may suggest would be interesting.

Another hot thing I want to try is some vore with Scroop (Treasure Planet), Preed (Titan A.E.), Grunt or Garrus or Legion (Mass Effect), Victor Von Ion or Dr. Nefarious or Lawrence or Clunk or Otto (Ratchet and Clank), or some aliens from the Ben 10 Franchise (not Ben, a different member of an alien race he may have or not have yet from any series, including Ultimate forms). Also General Scales or Thorntail (Star Fox Adventures), Leon Powalski or Falco (Star Fox 64), Ridley or Kraid or Kanden (Metroid/Metroid Prime Hunters), and any other suggestions for aliens to eat me.

Another thing I'd like to try is getting eaten by any of Spyro's 74 dads, any of Spyro's 4 elders or the Chronicler or Malefor from Legend of Spyro, Red from Spyro a Hero's Tail, The Sorcerer from Spyro Shadow Legacy (which is a garbage game btw), Sgt. Byrd from Spyro 3, the breezebuilder parrot or pelican from Spyro 2, Hoot Loop or Jet Vac or Rattle Shake from Skylanders.

Another thing is getting eaten by Chaotic creatures like Chaor, Lord Van Bloot, Ario, Prince Mudeenu, Prythion, Najarin, Frafdo, Dractyl, Ulmar, Rothar, Xalic, and more would be hot as well...

Also Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Magic the Gathering, Digimon, Yokai Watch, Pokemon, Skylanders, and Chaotic... Hell any male or masculine or neutral monsters or some male characters from any of those franchises... Or of any franchises that you may know, are wonderful.

Female preds (don't hate them as people, but doesn't get me off)
Shota/Loli (Not for me)
Underage (Do not please)

Last bumped by JettCabino on Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:28 pm.
My rp interests ^^^
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