M Human prey. Into heavy disposal

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M Human prey. Into heavy disposal

Postby BlueCactus » Sun Oct 03, 2021 7:36 pm

Looking for preds who are into disposal. I like to play as a human and vary my age based on partners preference. I usually like to brainstorm my ideas together, so we can both come up with something that works for us. Im usually happy with most settings, so long as I’m rendered down into mess. I prefer to Rp through eka’s via messages, but i do have discord, and can add you on it if thats more your style, just send me your name and ill add ya.

If you don't see anything on the lists below ask me! I’m pretty open with most things.

Vore- both oral and anal
Digestion- Gruesome/gorey, or light and harmless/painless
Disposal- It might just be my favorite kink on this list, and will always be happy to have it
Brainstorming- I love to brainstorm ideas with my partner to plan out what we’ll do.
Being unwilling prey- I love when I’m forcibly eaten against my will
Being tricked as prey- absolutely favorite is when a pred either lies or some how tricks me into being their next meal. Can be willing turned unwilling.
Cruel preds
Anthro preds
Taur preds
Feral preds
Male preds
Fatherly preds

Scat- Can be filth play or anything related to scat, usually always happy to include this
Willing prey- I enjoy being willing in vore too! Just not as much as unwilling or tricked, but still good
Human preds- not my first choice, but can be nice

Female preds
Cock vore (feel free to ask, ive been starting to enjoy this more)

One sentence posts.

List of would rather not
Limb separation
hard gore biting ripping.
blood play or painful torture.

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