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Male Pred seeking Female Prey! (Plots Added)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:41 pm
by Ghostie
Currently Craving:
Spoiler: show
Comfort vore with scary monster pred and his small female human companion/observer/feeder who occasionally becomes prey herself!

Either that or a darker endo/imprisonment scenario with male prey, dub-con and some hardcore mpreg/breeding action.

PMs only please!
I don't give out my discord to people I've only just met!
If we finish one roleplay together then you can have it. :3
Please be literate and thorough in your first message; if it's a single sentence or has a lot of spelling errors I probably won't respond. I need to know you actually read my whole post.

Things to know:
~M/F or NB/F Preferred
~M/NB or NB/NB is also good.
~M/M is great if I'm in the mood.
~I play Pred 90% of the time
~Male or Non-Binary Preds only
~Human Prey Only
~I really prefer starting a roleplay from a blank slate, so new characters are valued over OCs
~If you wanna just base your prey off your OC, that's also fine! just change the name, some appearance, etc.
~If you’re getting bored of the RP, just say so and we can take a break. Better than forcing out replies or ghosting.

Vore Specifics:

Oral Vore only
No Fatal Digestion for main characters (Reformation is ok in some circumstances)
Non-graphic Digestion for secondary characters is fine, especially if your character feeds them to mine.
I prefer larger size differences, with prey ranging from bite-sized to the size of the pred’s torso.
Likewise I prefer a small to medium sized belly on the pred rather than an unrealistically huge gut.
I really love focusing on intimate interactions while the prey is inside the pred’s belly.

Lately I’ve been into the idea of rapid, pleasurable digestion with reformation. I would want the prey to fall asleep/unconscious before it starts, and the process is very quick but intensely pleasurable for the pred. The prey reforms right away, so no actual “death” occurs.

I also love the idea of a long, gentle sort of digestion that transforms the prey rather than breaking them down. The prey would be partially conscious, and it would last several days. The pred still gets something out of digesting them, but it doesn’t kill the prey, just leaves them in a smaller, weaker form, probably the same species as the pred. Or for example, in the case of being digested by a higher demon, the human prey would be transformed into a lower demon or imp. After this occurs, the prey can no longer be affected by the digestive acids.

I should also add that I’m now open to small amounts of weight gain (just in the belly area) in either of the above scenarios. Especially in the second one, if the pred starts gaining weight before he’s even finished digesting his prey. In either scenario I don’t want ANY disposal or implication of disposal.

Though I dislike fatal/permanent digestion, I do like a vague sense of "permanence," in the way of the pred viewing any fat/assets gained from digestion as an extension of their still living or reformed prey. A part of the prey has become one with the pred, or the pred sees parts of himself as being connected to the prey. Particularly fun if the pred digests the prey into his cock, making it larger, and then fucks the reformed prey with it. Or just in general teasing the prey about the part of them that's now fat lining his belly.

Roleplay Specifics:
Third person view only
I don’t mind the occasional spelling error, but do try to at least use spell check!
I kinda have high standards for literacy and grammar.
If your initial message lacks effort, I will ignore it.
I like to jump into the vore pretty quickly, as long introductory scenes can get kinda boring.
A clear, narrative non-vore related goal for the characters is very helpful, so the roleplay doesn’t just trail off after the first vore scene.


Super Fluffy stuff: (Not necessary, but I've kinda been in the mood lately.)
Spoiler: show
- Lots of physical affection
- Stroking, cuddles, gentle mindless touching
- Touch-starved prey
- Prey spending the night in the pred’s belly
- Pred praising and showering the prey with affectionate compliments whenever they’re in its stomach
- Grumpy or stern Pred becoming a soft, sappy mess as soon as the prey is inside them.
- Attentively rubbing and cradling a prey-filled belly
- Pred attempting to “seduce” the prey into being eaten, reminding them how warm and safe it is inside, etc.
- Prey trying to keep the pred from playfully attempting to swallow them at inopportune or awkward times
- Pred swallowing a sleepy, lightly protesting prey so they can finally get some proper rest
- Pred going about a normal routine while the prey naps in their belly
- Pred and Prey wanting to stay physically close, even when not engaged in vore
- Deep platonic bond between Pred and Prey

Whump Stuff (May not be everyone's cup of tea)
Spoiler: show
- LOTS of fearplay, taunting, mild degradation
- Light sadomasochism
- Bondage/Leash-and-Collar (With the human preferably domming in this situation)
- Hunting/Stalking/Chasing
- Kidnapping/Imprisonment
- Light non-fatal digestion (mild burns, etc)
- Prey being told they're going to be digested
- Pred suffering from painful indigestion/stomachache
- Desperate prey beating up the pred's stomach from the inside
- Light Injuries
- Rough Handling
- Biting/Light Chewing
- Forced non-fatal permavore

- Extremely possessive pred
- Forced safe vore
- Stomach imprisonment
- Living inside the pred longterm
- Pred traveling long distances with the prey in their belly
- Pred occasionally going a little feral and refusing to let the prey out
- Pred getting overstimulated by prey squirming around inside
- Aloof pred trying to ignore talkative prey
- Overprotective Pred feeling anxious whenever the prey is not inside them
- Slow-burn Friendship/Romance
- Mean Pred gradually developing a soft spot for the Prey
- Prey becoming assertive once comfortable enough
- Confident prey knowing just how to turn the pred into putty in their hands.
- Prey kicking and squirming in the belly just to bother the Pred
- Churning/gurgling stomach unable to digest prey
- Stomachaches from kicking prey
- Main prey feeding other folks to Pred

Kinky Stuff:
Spoiler: show

(Unless we've rped before, assume this section is for m/m only)
- Forced Stuffing
- Oviposition
- Multiple/exotic dicks
- Monster/Human smut
- Impregnation/Mpreg
- Non-Fatal partial cock vore (as in shaft only)
- Noncon/Dubcon
- Forced impregnation/Oviposition

Main character death
Most Hard Vore/Gore
Graphic Fatal Digestion
Female/Feminine Preds
Nagas/Lamias/Centaurs/Driders etc
Slime/Candy/Goo creatures
Canon Characters
Excessive drool
Bodily Fluids/Scat/Disposal/Diapers/etc
Lactation/Breast play in general


My favorite preds are weirder monsters inspired by Seraphim, clowns/pierrot/harlequins, plague doctors, and insectoids (leaning towards a Hollow Knight vibe for the latter) or just weird/unique, vaguely humanoid creatures in general. I’ve got a thing for masks and artful, uncanny spookiness. Do not expect the typical furries, scalies, nagas, etc from me. I get bored easily so I need a pred to have a good consistent aesthetic. Skull faces, odd proportions, multiple limbs, multiple eyes, probably multiple dicks, being a physical manifestation of fear itself, that sort of thing. The only exception to the only-human-prey rule is if you also wanna play as such a monster.

Feel free to suggest something if you think I’d be into it. But know that I’m pretty picky. I usually prefer a male-presenting intersex Pred, though I can also play cismale and non-binary preds as well. I can also play humans or closely humanoid preds, like ghosts, fae and demons! But it really depends on how much I like your prey~

Pred personality types:

The Ancient- Some sort of monstrous, godly figure. Somehow you’ve caught its interest. Maybe it wants to protect you, maybe it wants to imprison you, maybe it wants to collect you. Cold and unemotional, but curious, and may gradually become more affectionate once it learns what affection is.

The Archivist- Quiet, stern, possessive, intelligent, philosophical. Might have eaten you as a sign of power, or perhaps it simply wanted to test if you’d survive. But quickly realized it liked you, and thus has decided to keep you. Very attentive to you while you’re inside it; gives you plenty of restrained affection. Always has a hand on its stomach. Has no intention of ever letting you out.

The Hunter- Fully intended to kill you when he caught your scent. But he changed his mind right when he was about to tear into your flesh, and he ended up swallowing you whole instead. Maybe instinct, maybe hormones, maybe pity? Probably not the latter. He doesn’t quite understand it either. Regardless, you’re now trapped in his gut, and he hasn’t a clue what to do with you. Gruff, mean, pretty much feral, can be surprisingly soft at times.

The Himbo- His head is full of hot air and love. Probably a big, terrifying monster with the personality of an untrainable puppy. Good luck keeping him under control. Easily distracted, flirty, and a little bit dense, but he really just wants to keep you safe and comfy inside his belly.

The Gentlemanly Asshole- Charismatic, suave, well-mannered, romantic, and definitely horny. Tends to be theatrical and puts effort into putting on a show; enjoys extended fear play and taunting. Somewhat over-the-top and a little too eager to eat you. He might need someone to help mellow him out a bit.

Someone Please Collect Your Bastard- Big dick energy. Sort of a mix between the Gentlemanly Asshole and the Himbo, but with twice the Asshole. Snarky, gluttonous, lonely, kinda clingy, a bit rough around the edges. He probably wants to eat you just to mess with you. Because he is, as I said, a bastard. The best way to his heart is through is stomach, whether you're feeding him others or yourself~

Quick, Basic Plots:

Spoiler: show
Prey often visits an abandoned home, warehouse, etc, that is claimed to be haunted, in order to spend some quality time in the comfortable stomach of the monster that lives there.

Prey suddenly finds themselves in a strange, dangerous new world, and the pred decides his belly is a much safer place for such a vulnerable little creature.

Storybased plots:

Spoiler: show

Blank slate plots:

Prey is captured by the Pred, who thinks of them as nothing more than an interesting specimen. When deciding what sort of cage or jar he should store the prey in, he comes to the conclusion that his own stomach is the ideal place to keep them. Safe and out of harm's way, while still close enough to study and observe, not to mention the delightful way they're squirming inside.

Pred swallows the prey with every intention of digesting them, but later finds his meal still alive and well, seemingly just trapped inside. Now all that teasing about them being food has gone to waste, and he has to figure out what to do with the indigestible, annoyingly talkative freeloader kicking around in his gut.

Prey moves into the place where the monstrous pred lurks/haunts. After several failed attempts at scaring the prey away, the pred decides to take more drastic measures, and eats the prey. However, the prey still isn't fazed by the experience of being swallowed alive. In fact, they kick and punch the inside of his belly enough to give him indigestion. Thus begins their awkward co-existence, with the pred having to deal with the prey moving into his territory, and the prey learning to live with a monster that constantly wants to eat them.

More specific plots: (M/F, half/quarter size vore, safe/protective vore, and some transformation)

A girl accidentally wanders into the land of the Fae, where everything seems to be twice her size. After being chased and accosted by numerous strange creatures, she is found by a sly but charismatic male Fae, who offers his help in finding her a safe place to stay. Once she agrees, he eagerly scoops her up and swallows her. He assures her she won’t be harmed in his belly, but also that he has no intention of ever letting her go, no matter how much she kicks and squirms inside him.

A girl ends up in Hell after an occult experiment gone wrong, and lands in the office of the demon who will decide her eternal punishment. The demon pities her, as she’s not technically dead yet, but it’d be against the rules to send her back. So, he crafts a loophole, and offers her a job as his assistant, starting tomorrow. As soon as she signs the contract, he promptly grabs her by the scruff and swallows her down before returning casually to his desk. He tells her she should get accustomed to being in his belly, as that’s where she’ll be spending eternity when not at work.
(The girl can’t enter Hell proper without being condemned to punishment. So in order for the loophole to work, the girl has to stay in the demon’s stomach whenever she’s not in his office. Each day after work, he swallows her and goes home, keeping her safe inside until his shift the next morning.)

Alternate: The girl is assigned to spend eternity in this particular demon’s belly by a higher demonic judge. Demons gain energy and magic by torturing souls, and a popular method is to seal one inside the stomach like a personal torture chamber. This demon, with his comfortable desk job and well-kept figure, held no interest in keeping a human inside himself, and is rather disgusted by the mere thought. However, he’s forced to swallow the girl assigned to him. Both parties are not happy about the situation. After an awkward night of trying and failing to cough her up, they work together to uncover a way to break the seal and release her from his belly. Of course, along the way the two inevitably bond and begin to enjoy their situation.

A monstrous, possibly demonic plague doctor travels from village to village during wartime, casually observing the chaos unfold. He happens upon a girl who is the last survivor of her village, and decides to take her as an apprentice. She will have to be drained of humanity in order to become a true monster like himself, and he has a rather unorthodox method of achieving this. Once he catches her, he swallows her whole. With her safely sealed inside his belly, he continues his travels. His plague doctor’s garb conceals his body entirely, so no one he passes suspects him of carrying a living human in his stomach. Eventually, through a mixture of dark magic and psychological manipulation, the girl begins to change into a bird-like monster like her captor. She remains hidden in his belly until the metamorphosis is complete. Once released, any trace of humanity is gone, and she is irrevocably bonded to the monster that transformed her.

If you've read this far and you're interested in writing with me, please PM me so we can discuss a potential roleplay! I love worldbuilding and brainstorming stories, so please come ready with some ideas of your own, as well as your likes/dislikes/etc!