Heroic Predators rewarded by prey villages with food

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Heroic Predators rewarded by prey villages with food

Postby demented » Sat May 28, 2022 4:59 pm

The land of Hoor is a largely undeveloped paradise. There are some Coastal cities and trade is starting to blossom, but there still exists large stretches of unexplored forests, deserts and jungles which pose unique challenges for the myriad of races which have settled there. One problem in particular are the strange creatures called monsters which seek to eat with little regard to conservation of food resources, aiming to strip everything dry till there is nothing left. Such creatures, though few in number, can devastate a farming village when they show up and cause rampant food shortages if left unchecked. Thus the need to station strong Predators and Omnivores on outlaying villages and burrows has become greatly important.

The races of the settlers of Hoor can be largely divided into three categories.

Omnivores: A large portion of the humanoid races count themselves in the ranks of the Omnivores. These folk can lean towards predatory and prey natures and tend to blur the lines between the two. Their diets are also much more diverse than other races. Omnivores tend not to really understand the dynamic between predator and prey races, and those that try can find themselves becoming more like one or the other over time. Unlike prey races, Omnivores like humans do have a sense of self preservation, so a revelation that they have prey like tendencies can be much scarier to them than it would be for a true prey.

Predators: Predators can be spotted easily by their appearances and tend to be larger than the other races. Predators have developed side by side with prey races, seeing them as a blend between livestock and companions. One could compare their relationship with prey races like a Shepard, ready to defend them from attackers and guide them to better pastures, while also being the one to ultimately use and eat them.

Prey: Prey races are known for their very high fertility rates and their agricultural skills. They have evolved to not have an individual sense of self preservation, but rather a desire to preserve their family and their village over their individual life. It is not uncommon for prey beings to sell or give away themselves or family members as slaves or food in order to better the position of the group or to show hospitality for visitors. Many prey races are quite shrewd and pragmatic in that sense, looking at what the visiting person desires and making offers that'd benefit their people based on that.

Our characters would be either stationed at a village near some dangerous untamed lands, or they would be protecting a traveling trade caravan of largely prey families. They would defend the prey from threats, and in gratitude, they would offer up a few of theirs up for an evening of pleasure and ultimately food for our characters to enjoy. The two predators would be the main characters, and we'd take turns playing the temporary prey characters. NPC's would be freely controllable by either of us with an eye for improv and continuity in mind.

If you would prefer, you can also exclusively play as prey characters as well.

-No One liner rps: That also goes for posts that are far too short. I enjoy a lot of detail and effort put into a reply, even if it takes awhile to make it.
-Sex is a must: I cannot wrap my head around a vore rp that doesn't have have sex in it. I view vore as a kink like any of my others and play it as such.
-Communication is key: Express to me what your limits are. It's highly important to me to make sure we both have a good time.
- A sense of humor: I enjoy rps with an irreverent, tongue in cheek air to them. Overly dark and serious rps are a bit of a turn off.
-Characters with personality: Prey do not need to be demure wallflowers, and predators don't need to be stoic no nonsense people. Let them have some personality and irreverence mixed in there. I also really love me some tsundere grumpy preys.
-OOC talk: I love talking about and cooking up ideas with people. Feel free to spitball with me in the OOC.

Kinks I love: These are not required, but you'd make me very happy if you'd be down for any of these.
Spoiler: show

-Foot fetish: Anything involving foot play, from worship to even the mention of them is a major plus for me.
-Oral play: Absolutely anything involving the mouth is a major plus.
-Short Cute Prey: Though how or why they are short can vary, I generally prefer prey to be short and cute in comparison to the predator and omnivorous races. Typically my preferred height is about half as tall as the other races.
- Cooking Vore****: I really enjoy an unrealistic variety of cooking vore which isn't a bloody gorey affair. think of it more like foreplay with bondage and temperature play before the actual eating.
-Bondage/bdsm: This stuff is just fun to play
-Master/slave/pet dynamics: Always quite fun
-public humiliation or embarrassment; Especially in a comedic sense
More can be found here: https://www.f-list.net/c/d3mented/

Kinks I really like but rarely get the okay for. Bonus points if you greenlight one or more of these.
Spoiler: show
-Watersports/bathroom stuff in general: I have very specific likes and dislikes regarding these. If you're open to having this in the game fantastic, but it's nothing required by any stretch.
-Biting/amputation/ect: Again, much like cooking vore, I enjoy a distinctly bloodless and less gorey variety of this. Ideally, I like to have the limbs and swallow the torso and head, but this is not everyone's cup of tea. If you're willing to give an unrealistic magical variety a try though I'd be happy to have ya.
-Ageplay: A variation on that short cute prey from above. Prey races have a very high fertility rate, and the younger ones are typically seen as more easily replaced and even valuable as trade commodities.

The very rare nos for me:
-Mean spirited/ cruel preds: Excessively dark and cruel preds can be a big turn off for me. The world is dark enough as it is, I like some levity.
- Realistic Gore with regards to vore: I prefer the logic to be magical and more aesthetically pleasing than unappealing reality we got.

and that's pretty much it! If this rp idea strikes your fancy feel free to hit me up in the PMs. I generally prefer to rp in the Pms, but I CAN be convinced to play on Discord if you and I really get along. Look forward to hearing from you.

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