Male Micro Anthro Fennec Seeking Feral Herbavore Preds

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Male Micro Anthro Fennec Seeking Feral Herbavore Preds

Postby DessertFox » Thu Nov 11, 2021 11:32 pm

Hello there, the name is Zeph, I figured I'd go ahead and finally make one of these seeking partner thingies. As the title says I am looking for feral herbivore preds to play with. I am quite the sensual prey who loves all of the fine details that comes with being vored. I'm not really into the digestion side though. I tend to view vore in a more of an intimate way to get close, even in sexual kind of way. I'd be up for toning things down if you aren't comfortable with that.

Equine preds (Horses, Pony (MLP), Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Etc...)
Bovine preds (Cows, Bulls, Buffalo, Etc..)
Ruminants (Preds with multiple chambered stomachs. Cows, Giraffes, Deer Etc..)
Cervine preds (Deer, Elk, Moose, Etc..)
Scents (Breath, saliva and even the scent inside of a pred~)
Vores- Anal Vore/Oral Vore/Unbirthing/Nasal Vore
Being Tasted/Maw-play
Gurgling Bellies
Slimy Visous Bodily Fliuds (Namely saliva, mucus and natural lubricants.)
Vore Teasing (I love being teased by a pred before I am vored and I tease back~.)
Onomatopoeia (Sounds/Noises)

Cute Stuff:

Sexy Stuff:
Living Dildo (This applies to anal vore, unbirth or even oral vore. Pretty much feel free to use me as a dildo if you are feeling naughty enough for it.)
Pawing/Masterbation Post Vore (Sometimes I get a bit carried away and might have a bit of fun inside a pred's belly.)
Pleasuring Preds from the Inside (I love to know my pred is enjoying the feeling of me being inside of them as much if not more than being in there. It would be easier to achieve such things from inside the more intimate area, like up a rear or in a juicy pussy. Maybe my pred gets off to me just being in their stomach, I'll do my best to take care of those hard to reach "itches".~)
Face Sitting (Receiving)
Rimming (Giving)
Dirty Talking (Well if the feral is capable of talking of course.)

Guilty Pleasures:
Messy Stomachs (Bellies that have, food, chyme, or even just mush in them along with the prey. It's not supposed to be a pristine place is it?~)
Food Digestion (The prey is safe, but the food around them is not.)
Dirty Full-tour
Musk/Olfactophilia (Scents that get the nose tingling~ -w-)

Digestion (Not really big on this one. But on rare occasions I may allow it.)

Hard Vore/Gore

Feel free to PM if you want to discuss things further. :3

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