Like interactive stories? Wanna get eaten? Look no further!

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Like interactive stories? Wanna get eaten? Look no further!

Postby umarjamil789 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:25 pm

Have you had fantasies about getting eaten by various sorts of predators? Are you looking to spice up your roleplay by throwing yourself into various, unpredictable encounters where the only constant is finding yourself in the belly of a beast? Do you wish for a partner that is flexible and with a passion to see you get eaten? If so, then why the hell haven't you messaged me yet?

I have a particular skillset, and that is conjuring up scenarios and stories of all sorts for you to dive into. These can be adventures based on preferences from you, pre-established scenarios you want to play out or just completely interactive stories left to my discretion; my aim is for fun all around. I like it when you like it, so I will try my best to incorporate your kinks into our tomfoolery. Unfortunately, sometimes there are just incompatibilities that are unable to be surmounted. Alas, I only have a thing for female or feminine / femboy prey. Besides that, I have a few things that I especially like, but they are not necessary in every situation:
    -Clothed Prey
    -Oral vore: headfirst
    -High heels
    -Any size but micro/macro
    -Fatal (doesn't mean you can't use the same character again, just a good ol game over)
    -You having fun
Nevertheless, I still love variety and I don't mind foregoing any of the listed above, but their inclusion every now and then is nice and hot. Other than that, I am pretty damn flexible; I like it soft or hard, willing or unwilling, fatal or non-fatal, quick or descriptive, sexual or non-sexual etc.... But I do have specialties!

My specialty is with feral nameless predators that seek to stalk and devour you whole... Or in bits! I am an avid believer of the philosophy that variety is the spice of life. These hungry creatures and critters can be from a fantasy setting, sci-fi setting, modern day setting or from a historical setting, it matters not. Most of my roleplay has the prey be the star of the story, and you will play a part... What happens to you can be shaped by your choices, and what happens can be predictable or otherwise, whatever strikes your fancy!

To help demonstrate what a possible post looks like from my side, here is a brief sample:
"You continue down the path, but as you step another inch forward, your foot springs a trap. You catch the movements of a long green branch-like limb with living sinew coursing through its body. It aims to coil around your brazen ankle (50% chance of failure = fail).

Failing to avoid the trap in time, you realize that a long, thin vine has its grip around your right ankle, and you are left dangling over the mouth of a massive carnivorous plant, rearing its head for its newfound meal.
The vine relinquishes its hold over your slender foot, and you fall towards the gaping maw of the hungry plant. You land on its tongue with a wet thump and find yourself slip deeper towards its throat, until its maw gently shuts. You feel your feet caged by its teeth, and its large, thick tongue slips between its lips. Its tongue begins tasting the soles of your feet thoroughly, hoping to savor your taste before swallowing you for the final time. You toes scrunch as wet liquid coats your feet, the breeze now significantly more cooler upon them."

So this showcases the most simplest example of a "game mechanic", where an element of chance can affect the outcome. I also tend to accompany scenes with visual aid, if it's possible!

If you are interested, PM me and we can converse further in discord, where we will hope to continue our naughty fun further. I am mostly available in weekends, but we can talk about that privately of course!

Q) How much freedom will I have in the actions that I will perform?
A) You can do absolutely whatever the hell you want and I will absolutely not mind, even if you totally destroy the plot or do something absolutely unpredictable! Like I said, I am flexible and spontaneous. We will make sure to decide beforehand if you would like to include game mechanics (chances of failing your desired action). By default, I will have power over what consequences your actions have, so do let me know beforehand whether or not you want some more agency. Note that by me having power over the RP, it also means that I will be describing taste, smell and feelings to better visualize whatever situation or area your character is in, so in some ways I will also have agency over your character, but I will not make them perform any action unless there is an RP reason for doing so.

Q) Will there be any conversation to be had with the pred? What if I am looking for more deeper connections as their personal gutslut?
A) It is important that you let me know what kind of buttons you like being pushed. For example, in this hypothetical circumstance I will know to have a scenario where you encounter sentient predators. These can range from sentient monsters, giant humans or just cannibals. Note that by default, you will not be able to peer inside the minds and feelings of the people / creatures you interact it unless their actions show it or you manage to find out via an RP reason. If you like spoilers and want this to be different, again just let me know and I will adapt accordingly! It's no problem for me!

Q) But what if I like to know who it is exactly that will eat me, and build the scenario around that? Would you be open to that?
A) Absolutely! This will be less of an interactive story and more about the relationship between the two characters; however, the character that I will play will have to be decided beforehand and it will be better if you can provide an idea of who you want that character to be. I am okay with you giving me an OC or whatever and I can jump into their skin and play them to the best of my ability. This means that we will be playing a more traditional form of roleplay and you will be privy to my character's thoughts as I am to your character's - i.e. we both control the RP equally. In this case, where I am primarily focused on playing a single character, I prefer to play a male predator.

Q) How will the RP work in terms of logistics?
A) It's up for you to decide. If you like it short and in one quick session, we will exchange short sentences with each other in succession. The scenario can be paused and carried on at a later date.
If you like long drawn out paragraphs, then we can comfortably write out replies - even if it takes days. These will likely end up being more complex scenarios, and of course, very slow as well. I personally prefer the former because there are more reactionary actions and things get all around exciting, though this can require mental gymnastics so I may not start one if I am personally too tired.

Q) Do I get a say in the scenarios you create?
A) Absolutely! This helps me as well! If you don't have any ideas, that's no issue at all for I have an arsenal of them. By default, I will shortlist 3- 8 scenarios and present them to you for you to give your thoughts. We will pick the one you think is most appealing and go from there.

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