New F Prey on the block looking for a fun time!

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New F Prey on the block looking for a fun time!

Postby cherylchimera96 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:25 pm

And by fun time I actually mean stomach to be trapped away inside of >.>

Hey everyone, long time browser, first time poster here looking for some nice folks to try some vorish roleplay with! With classes being online now I can spend less time commuting and more time browsing the web for ways to scratch this itch. That’s where you come in :P
While I don't consider myself the most verbose writer in the whole entire world, I can definitely try to deliver on what's wanted and I'm looking for someone who can provide nice details in return.

My interests are
- F/F (for now)
- soft vore
- oral vore
- same-size
- wet and sloppy mouths
- tight and hot stomachs
- unwilling
- being prey
- human prey
- human preds
- demi-preds
- weight gain
- plot
- "real world" scenes

I’m okay with
- size difference
- furry preds and prey
- feral preds
- monster preds
- smaller preds
- unbirth (only if there’s a size difference)
- vore as punishment
- vore just to satisfy hunger
- cooking
- coils (like a snake)
- digestion + belching
- futa

- being pred
- belly imprisonment / endo
- macro / micro
- willing
- playing multiple characters
- full tour (only if clean)
- anal vore (again clean only)
- sex
- grab n’ gulp
- BDSM elements
- oddball kinks
- tentacles
- cock vore
- male preds

No thanks
- F/M
- pregnancy
- incest
- hard vore / gore / snuff outside of digestion
- lazy replies
- scat / disposal
- underage
- OOC creepiness

I’d mostly prefer a female partner. It’s not that I have anything against guys I just think I’d be more comfortable starting off with someone my own gender, sorry! ^^’

I don't actually have any particular scenes planned out in my noodle right now, but if you've got something you wanted to try then I'll hear you out!

That’s all I can think of for now. I can roleplay through either PM or discord, I hope to hear from you!
(I will provide my discord if I feel you’re a good fit)

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