Pred-lean Seeking Partners (Prey, Pred, Feeder, Observer)

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Pred-lean Seeking Partners (Prey, Pred, Feeder, Observer)

Postby SparkingBlade » Thu Dec 01, 2022 6:21 pm

First post here, might grow it out over time, I am a Pred lean switch seeking partners, been lurking around for a while in the site but finally decided to make my post. (IRL Gender does not matter for me)

I am very flexible when it comes to what things we could add in the RP but some of my favorites are:

-F Pred/Herm Pred
-Same Size
-Mass Vore
-Weight Gain
-Prey/Pred Romance
-Digestion (can do reformation)
-Soft Vore (Any Type)
-Human, demi, furry pred

None of those are required to play with me, so if you have one that you dont want, please tell me.

Other Kinks that I do include

-Size Differences

If you have one that you want to ask about, go right ahead and tell me about it! Worst case scenario I'll say no to it.

I have a few things that I dislike

-Gross Kinks (Watersports, Toilet stuff, Scatplay)
-Hard Vore/Extreme Gore
-Hardcore Sadism
-Underage preds
-Feral preds

I can do Canon or OCs (provided I knwo the canon). I roleplay here or through discord (request through PM first please)

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