The Brattiest Prey you're ever going to Fucking Eat.

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The Brattiest Prey you're ever going to Fucking Eat.

Postby Justcockythoughts » Sun Oct 10, 2021 4:49 pm

Current Status: Looking

Hey there Stud

Hopefully I have caught the attention of some extremely kinky individuals, or just all around very hungry Preds. Either-way, I would love to be the meal that ends up causing you to sit on the shitter for an hour as you curse at how much of a pain Im being even as I get squeezed out

A bit about myself:
I am a Switch Roleplayer who has been roleplaying since probably freshman year of College...So I would give it around 5 years now. I fucking love both roleplaying and writing stories, and originally had my start on Tumblr, I am a huge fan of the crazy kinks that you can find on here, one of which obviously being vore. I also have posted some of my stories here, so if you wanna read a hot lay about some dudes turning other people into fat/shit/cum/etc, then take a peak stud

While I am very good at being Dominant, and a complete Brat, I also can play submissive or quiet characters as well, so if you're looking for a meal who won't be too eager to jump out your throat, don't get discouraged just yet alright?

I am a pretty big nerd, having played a tone of video games before I even knew how to read. This ended up causing me to absolutely love roleplaying in some of these Universes.

Universes I love:
Spoiler: show

    League Of Legends
    Fire Emblem
    Mass Effect
    Rainbow 6 Siege
    Golden Sun
    Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Series

I tend to roleplay on multiple platforms, including here and Discord. I usually roleplay around the evening to night on days that I work, while being available for most of the days that I am off! I am currently working towards graduation this year, so please excuse me if I become a little erratic with responses.

When it comes to those crazy kinks I mentioned, here are some of them~

Absolutely Love:
Spoiler: show

    Oral Vore
    Anal Vore
    Cock Vore
    Inanimate Transformation
    Food Transformation
    Weight Gain
    Muscle Growth
    Farts and Burps
    Accidental Vore and Digestion
    Cum Transformation
    Age Progression
    Size Difference

Willing To Discuss:
Spoiler: show

    Age Play
    Race Play
    Female Prey
    Bones and Blood

Not a Fan of:

Spoiler: show

    Hard Vore
    Cooking (If its painful, Can be flexible)
    Female Preds
    Femboy Preds
    Under Age Sex

When it comes to the types of Prey or Pred, it always depends. While I prefer playing Male human Preys, I can always be flexible. Dick or Pussy, we all taste the same and struggle the same~
Here are a list of the type of characters I enjoy in roleplays!
Spoiler: show

    Male Preds
    Cop/Military Preds
    Incestual Pred/Prey
    Anthro Preds
    Human Preds
    Demonic Preds
    Anthro Prey
    Human Prey
    Micro Prey
    Masculine/Bulky Preds
    Alien Preds
    Nerdy Preds

I'm a very passionate Writer and Roleplayer, and the most aggressive prey you're going to meet! I am very eager to try and find people here to do some interesting roleplay prompts in the theme of playing out some vore or perhaps other kinks~

I do have some per-requisites though;
Spoiler: show

    Do not give one line responses
    Do not give little to no detail
    Please be willing to play Male or Masculine characters, I do not care about your irl gender, however I will not play with Female preds
    Do not ask me to break any of the kinks listed on the limits list, I will block you if you ask me to include any sex below 13 Years of Age
    Have the ability to write at least a paragraph, although 2-3 would be preferable.
    Do not send me pictures of people you know IRL, and ask me to play that character.
    Please references the color purple in your messages to me so I know you did at least read this section.

Otherwise, Please feel free to message me hot stuff, Or you can add me on Discord: Blandito#0720

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