Male prey looking for pred

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Male prey looking for pred

Postby TSub001 » Sun Oct 03, 2021 9:28 pm

New to this site but thought I would give a go at RP and hopefully have some fun, sorry if I suck at all! Looking for a pred that is either human or anthro to eat me in many different situations. I myself am more of a submissive prey so not really comfortable doing pred.

I am very much into learning and getting better at rp for being prey so I only do that for now, sorry! Can play a number of characters to be prey however with a wide range, just let me know what you are interested in and I will try my best to do so. Pretty much open for all things though I do have a limits which are displayed in the things I won't do section. Like to rp on discord but can do other ways too if needed. I tend to write about 2-4 lines minimum for rp as I quite enjoy building up to a point with a story and setting, please do let me know what you prefer as I can do shorter or maybe longer though I am not fully confident on multi paragraphs yet.

Edit: Decided to edit as soon as it was published as I realise how not very helpful it is for people and I feel like more detail was needed. I am a fan of almost all vore rp and making a list is key to letting everyone know potential likes or dislikes. So below I am going to do just that.

This list is not a check list to see what must be done in the rp, it is just to set things in place as to what I am comfortable with. If there is anything here that you do not like please do let me know so that it can be avoided in rp.
What I like:
Spoiler: show
Soft vore
Anal vore
Cock vore (any kind i.e. futa or male etc)
Tail vore
Breast vore
Naval vore
Absorption (like a slime)
Weight Gain
Any monster humanoid (image is helpful for reference)
Sexual content i.e. sex, facesitting, smothering, teasing, foot stuff, whatever (ask if you have something special in mind)
Same size
Dominant/Cruel pred
Motherly/Kind pred
Incest/family vore
Fatal Digestion (not too much detail)

Things I wont do: (Has been edited slightly)
Spoiler: show
Hard vore
Cooking the prey

Again, what I don't like isn't me saying that I hate it personally. I just prefer not to enjoy RPing it myself.

If you have any questions about this or any thing you would like to ask just send me a message on here and I will do my best to answer anything you need!

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