Prey seeking fulltours, scat and sex

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Prey seeking fulltours, scat and sex

Postby nastyguts » Fri Feb 23, 2024 4:55 am

Hey there! At the very beginning I must admit that I'm a kinky person so I'm looking especially for people who are into some nasty stuff.
I'm a prey and can be any specie of any gender and age - it's completely up to you and we can adjust it to our scene.
As for the pred, I don't mind any gender, age or specie, but lately I'm super into seals and whales <3


-Very bad breath (Yeah, a nice and smelly maw is a lovely beginning)
-Belches and farts (I like preds with some gas built up inside)
-Full stomachs/vomit (I'm the one passing through unharmed
-Seals and whales (they're awesome!)
-Scat (lots of it. I'd LOVE to focus on the details of your previous meals)
-Fulltours (from the very beginning to the very end)
-Mawplay (slimy tongues are sexy)
-Buttplay (not a very fresh place)
-Sexual stuff (especially involving my partner's butt or maw)
Carnivore diet (Smells more exciting than pathetic herbivores!)

Totally optionals (if you ever dare...):

-Some OOC chat/flirting (tell me how aroused you are)
-Exchanging nasty porn (sharing some scat/vomit videos, colonoscopies, endoscopies, 3D animations or even simple fully vore art, I've got plenty of it)
-Sending me some scat/vore related pictures (Yeah, I said I'm a perv, I'd be more than aroused seeing a pic of your dinner a few hours after, though it's totally optional)

IMPORTANT! If you want any of these, you need to tell me first. I won't start any IRL topics without your full consent IMPORTANT!

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