Gutslut/switch looking for non fatal vore or open pred.

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Gutslut/switch looking for non fatal vore or open pred.

Postby Jaidengriffin » Tue Jan 18, 2022 9:03 am

Prey/pred seeking a pred/cute snack and non-fatal or reformation after digestion but I'm willing to do one offs, am currently really craving a fat/thicc female or herm pred, possibly with macro/micro with either a femboy pred or said thicc/fat female pred but it is by no means a prerequisite. I mostly prefer sweet,loving or caring preds but can do cruel or apathetic preds for either a one off story or a pred who uses that in the bedroom.

I am very flexible, willing and would like to find a pred who loves having cuddly prey in his/her gut. I used to have a pred I would contact on the regular, but due to some tragic circumstances, the only way we'd be able to communicate is with some form of divinity. I can play both males and females as well as herms but I prefer to play as femboys or nerdy guys since that's who I am for the most part.

Soft, oral, anal, and cock vore as well as unbirth, macro/micro, anthro preds and human preds, Sex, cuddling (either from outside or within), full tour, endosoma, after care etc. Would love to talk and get to know one another outside of roleplay as well!

Things I'm okay with doing:
Digestion with reformation, latex preds, force play, footplay (depends on the sex/gender),cumflation,

Absolute no's:
Hard vore, fatal digestion without reformation, violence, scat/watersports, uncaring or cruel preds where that's all their character is, underage prey, crush, and gas play.

Themes I like:
mystery, love and romance, teacher/student, realistic type meetups (such as at a convention, bar, meetup etc.)

Please PM me for any interested takers, I'm on here regularly however since I can't draw for Sh*t I intend on posting literature once I get some inspiration again.


*edit* I have decided to put my discord here for anyone who wishes to message me directly. My discord is Ahren Weiß#3084

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